Things Happen

Lena goes to the mall with her friend Diana who she knew since 3rd grade to hang out and when they arrive they see a mob to meet the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer.
After legitimately running into the boys, things happen.


6. 4. 425-221-0808



My heart stopped. Did he really just ask me for my number? Did my imagined "Future Husband" just ask for a way to contact me when we can't see each other face to face?

I looked into his innocent kitten eyes and said "425-221-0808" blank mindedly.

"Thanks! Now that I have your number I'll text you Hi so you get my number..." he said, trailing off and looking away.

"I'm bad at socializing too... It's one of my weaknesses."

"Yeah, I don't do well in front of pretty girls" he said, fluffing up his hair.

"I don't do well in front of pretty boys" I replied, poking his nose.

I had to reach quite a distance to poke his nose considering I'm 5'1 and he's 6'2. I'm not creepy and just know his height from endless amounts of web searching on how tall he is, its just that Diana is and told me Luke is 6'4 and by the looks of it, Michael's two inches shorter.

He smiled nervously and poked mine back. We looked at each other for quite a while until we saw a pap's camera flash in our eyes.

"I have to go!" he said with wide eyes.

I waved to him goodbye. Why must paparazzi be so annoying just to get paid? I wish I had more time with him.

I turned around to see a very excited Diana jumping up and down.

"Did Luke ask you to have sex with him?" I asked mockingly

"No!" she exclaimed and slapped my arm. "He asked for my number!!"

She was squealing with joy and jumped in circles.

"Michael asked for my number too!!" I smiled. "Let's go to the bar- I have the fake IDs"

"Yeah let's go, we need to celebrate." she said nudging my arm


Hello! I got the 4th chapter in!! I'll try to update as fast as possible; again I am a slow updater. Please like and favorite my book! Thank youu!!!

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