Things Happen

Lena goes to the mall with her friend Diana who she knew since 3rd grade to hang out and when they arrive they see a mob to meet the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer.
After legitimately running into the boys, things happen.


3. 2. Planning... Stuff.

We walked- no. We ran over to them but kinda stopped half way thinking 'We dont want to be those kind of girls' if you know what were talking about. So instead, incase Diana didnt understand me clearly, I grabbed her hand and tried to walk casually as I could, if thats even possible.

Diana gave me the "What the fuck are you doing we can meet them?" look and I replied with a "I have a plan" look. She thankfully understood me and we walked to the nearest mall restaurant, McDonalds.

"I have a plan." I explained. "We wait till the crowd is gone and when they go to eat, they'd probably come here. If not, we can walk past them and be all like, 'Oh yeah! Aren't you from Nickelback?'" That was honestly the worst inside joke ever. We were laughing really hard though.

"But do you get my point?" I asked, still recovering from my unnecessary joke.

"Yeah, thats the best idea you've had since, i don't even know, 3rd grade?" She joked

"Thanks and no, the last time a had a great idea was to go to the mall!"

"Okay true." She agrees, mimicking Colleens voice (if you don't know Coll check her out on her youtube colliscool)

We were waiting at McDonalds for about 15-20 minutes. We really had no life. I decided we should eat something while waiting.

"Hey what do you want to eat?" I asked. She was staring off into space.

"hEY!" I pushed the arm she was resting her chin on off the table. She looked pretty alarmed and looked at me in that "What. The. Fuck." look again. "What do you want to eat angel?"

"I crawled up from hell, and I want fries and thats it."

"Okay then, devil"

We both cracked a devilish grin and burst out laughing.

*Moments Later*

"Number 204?!" called the lady at the counter.

I ordered a Big Mac, mainly because I'm that person who eats alot and doesn't really gain. I'm lucky.

"Heres our food!" I announced loud enough for Diana to snap out of space and back to planet earth.

"Cool." and she took the fries.

The crowd had died down a bit so we discussed we'd make a move in about 15 minutes.

A/N: Hey loves! Thanks for 29 reads in one day! Thats kinda amazing to me. I'm picking up pace for updating but it will take me a while now that schools starting again. I will try the best I can. Bye! ❤️❤️

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