Rosetalon and Dovepaw are the kits of the great leader Redstar. When Dovepaw revises a prophecy soon after they arrive at their new territories, she starts to wonder what it means. Meanwhile, Rosetalon is trying to get Hawkclaw's attention but seems not to be getting there. A darkness befalls on the four clans as they separate to their new territories, and Dovepaw and Rosetalon are on the middle of the darkness.


2. Chapter 2

    Dovepaw shuffled through the nest she and her sister had made feeling a sharp stab in her ribs. “Hey!” someone was calling for her. “Dovepaw, please wake up.” Reluctantly, Dovepaw slowly opened her eyes. It was dark and all was quiet. The moon and stars were shining and in the midst of all the stars, she could make out the golden dappled pelt of her friend. “Mothshine? Is that you?” Dovepaw yawned.
    “Yes.” Mothshine whispered. “Cinderbird asked me to get you.”

    Dovepaw blinked. she was awake now. “Cinderbird?”

    “Yes. The medicine cats are having a meeting.” Mothshine meowed.
    Dovepaw sat up, making sure not to disturb her sister who was sleeping so soundly next to her. “Okay.” When Mothshine nodded, she and Dovepaw quietly sneaked off to the place where the medicine cats were meeting.
    “Too you long.” grumbled a black tom when she and Mothshine padded up.

    “Oh don’t be such a grump Darkpelt,” meowed a tortoiseshell and white she-cat. She looked at Mothshine and a Dovepaw. “don’t pay any attention to him Dovepaw, Mothshine. He’s just grumpy he was awoken from his sleep.”

    “I think we’re all grumpy, Mosslight.” Dovepaw’s whiskers twitched as she heard the soothing and calm voice of her mentor. “Now come you two. Sit down. We have many things to talk about.”
    Mothshine and Dovepaw both nodded to each other and sat down. When they had settled themselves, Cinderbird gazed around the gathered cats.
    “We must find a new StarClan meeting ground.” she meowed.
    There was a silence in the air. The Darkpelt spoke up. “We sure do.” he meowed. “Tensions are crackling through my clan. With Flamestar and Littlefoot both now dead, Lightfeather and Fawnmist both now have equal right to leadership.”
    Everyone nodded.

    “What does the rest of the clan have to say about that, Darkpelt?” Mosslight asked.
    Darkpelt sighed. “Half of ShadowClan agrees that Lightfeather was a strong and very good warrior and half says that Fawnmist is the most agreeable one.”

    “What do you think?” Cinderbird asked, her eyes narrow.
    “I don’t know. Right now, I’m just waiting for a message from StarClan.” he looked up at the stars, his blue eyes gazing hopefully at the stars.
    Again, there was a silence. “All is well in WindClan. But..” Mosslight stopped, then continued. “Heatherstar is on her last life and if she dies now. I fear Nutshade will try to take power away from Poppylight.”

    Cinderbird spoke up. “Poppylight is a strong warrior. surely she can handle things with Nutshade?”

    Mosslight only shook her head. “Nutshade and Poppylight both excel in fighting more than the others, They’re natural leaders. But, I fear a battle will break out if not solved in time.”

    As Dovepaw listened to what the older medicine cats were talking about, she wondered why she had been even summoned when everyone was not even paying attention to her. Dovepaw yawned.
    Cinderbird looked her way. “Must you be tired?” she asked gently.
    Dovepaw wanted to say yes, but she forced herself to say no.
    “Good. We still have more to talk about.” Cinderbird meowed.
    Dovepaw nodded.
    As the others talked on, Dovepaw started drifting off into a slow sleep. A dark and cold sleep.
    As she slept, she thought she could hear the drips of water and ripples. As she listened closer, she became more assure that she was hearing it. She could feel the water flow through her like a cold wave, voices seemed to echo through her ears, telling her something, but she couldn’t hear them. All she could hear was: Beware of blood that steps close to water.
    With that, Dovepaw jolted wake, shaken by her dream.
    “Dovepaw? Are you alright?” Cinderbird asked.
    Dovepaw looked at her mentor, her eyes wide with shock. She managed to nod. “Yes..I’m okay.”  she meowed. Her face had gone dark. Should I tell them? she wondered. No, I can’t. Not now.

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