Rosetalon and Dovepaw are the kits of the great leader Redstar. When Dovepaw revises a prophecy soon after they arrive at their new territories, she starts to wonder what it means. Meanwhile, Rosetalon is trying to get Hawkclaw's attention but seems not to be getting there. A darkness befalls on the four clans as they separate to their new territories, and Dovepaw and Rosetalon are on the middle of the darkness.


1. Chapter 1

“Rosepaw, you have shown courage and great compassion. I give you your warrior name, Rosepaw, from this moment on, you shall be known as Rosetalon. Let StarClan look down on you with great friendship and trust.”

    The newly named Rosetalon looked up at her leader as the cats from all four clans called out her name. Their voices were filled with loving warmth, pride, and newly found hope. Redstar, the leader of ThunderClan and her father had just given her her warrior name and spoke of StarClan first since the day they had left the mountains and come down here.
    “Congraduation!” Dawnpaw, a cream-furred tabby she-cat purred. Dawnpaw was of ShadowClan, and even though she and Rosetalon were of different clans, they had become great friends since they had embarked on the journey. Actually, all four clans had taken a bit of liking to each other since they’d left the forest.
    “Rosetalon.” Jaypaw, a RiverClan apprentice whispered. “Great name.”
    Rosetalon smiled. She liked Jaypaw, he was sweet, smart, and unlike his other RiverClan clanmates, he hadn’t been so hostile to Rosetalon and her clanmates when they suggested to leave the dying old forest and go find a new one. Mainly, he had been the one to convince them that they had to leave. Rosetalon thanked Jaypaw with all her heart that he had convinced them.
    “Now that you’re a warrior, you won’t have to do any old stinking apprentice’s job.” Nightpaw growled.
    Rosetalon nudged affectionately at the black WindClan she-cat. “Oh come on Nightpaw.” she meowed. “you’re not going to be an apprentice very long.”
    Nightpaw purred, but then she stopped and looked up at the place where all four leaders were silently talking, their heads together. “Yeah, but Heatherstar is so reluctant in giving me one.”

    Rosetalon flicked her ears. “Oh, she will give you one. Besides, you've proven yourself worthy of it so many time.”
    Nightpaw’s green eyes flashed at Rosetalon. “Really?” she asked.
    “Yes. You did save me from that badger.” Rosetalon remarked.
    “And helped me when I almost drowned.” Dawnpaw’s eyes glowed.
    “You also helped me find the right kind of herb to treat Ivyfoot when she had a bad belly ache.” Jaypaw meowed.
    Rosetalon purred. She faced Nightpaw.”See, you’ve done quite a lot of helping.”
    Nightpaw’s eyes glowed, then the spark in them faded. She looked back at Heatherstar. “But she’d never approve of what I did.” she meowed.
    Rosetalon grinned. “Well, bad luck for her. She doesn’t know what a great warrior you’ll make.”

    The others nodded. Rosetalon thanked them silently for their help. Nightpaw was a strong and free willed cat who always did what she thought was right. Rosetalon knew she had a great destiny ahead of her, StarClan telling her or not.
    “You know, this place sure is vast.” Jaypaw meowed looking into the distance. He had gone off to the edge of the kill to look over their new territory.
    Rosetalon padded up to him, Dawnpaw and Nightpaw both followed.
    “Wow, you’re right Jaypaw.” Dawnpaw meowed.
    “Oh! I can see open land!” Nightpaw’s tail flicked over into the distance, Rosetalon followed her tail flick and saw open land as she had said. Rosetalon guessed that seeing the open had made a great longing surge run through the black she-cat’s pelt.
    “I want to explore.” Dawnpaw meowed longingly.
    “Me too!” Nightpaw meowed.
    “Me three!” Rosetalon added.
    “An I just want something to eat!” Jaypaw meowed.
    The three she-cat’s laughed at the blue-gray tom’s joke.
    “What? Im serious!” Jaypaw laughed along with them.
    Rosetalon shook with laughter as she tried to stop laughing. “Yeah big guy. We’re all hungry.”
    “But just wait till we go hunting.” Dawnpaw meowed.
    “If we ever get the chance to hunt.” Nightpaw meowed.
    Jaypaw frowned. “Well, I guess I can wait.” he meowed.
    The three she-cats nodded their heads. Jaypaw, Rosetalon, Nightpaw, and Dawnpaw huddled together to talk. It was almost sunset when they were called away when they disbanded.
    Rosetalon trekked over to the ThunderClan group. There, she met up with Hawkclaw, her friend. “Hey Hawkclaw.” Rosetalon greeted the dark brown tabby tom.
    Hawkclaw just washed his eyes over her and padded away. Rosetalon snorted at his arrogance and padded away to sit beside her sister, Dovepaw, the medicine cat apprentice, who was making herself a place in the ground for a bed.
    “That looks too big for just you.” Rosetalon remarked as she padded over to her sister.
    Dovepaw looked up, her green eyes gleaming. “Oh, Rosetalon!” Dovepaw exclaimed. “There you are. I was about to go looking for you.”
    Rosetalon nodded and sat down. She licked a paw and smoothed it over her ears. “So, who’re you going to share the nest you’re making with?” Rosetalon thought of the possible cats who Dovepaw could be sharing a nest with.
    “Oh. Sorrelheart is sharing a nest with Brackenfang. Cinderbird is sharing one with the other medicine cats. And Canarybird is sharing one with Redstar.”
    “You silly!” Dovepaw meowed. “well if that’s okay with you. I don't want to sleep separate today…”
    Rosetalon purred. “Okay.” she meowed. “Hawkclaw has already started avoiding me already.”he growled she she thought about the bold and muscular tom. “And I really wants to share a nest with you too.”

    Dovepaw purred. “Great! Now just help me make out the last adjustments here.”

    Rosetalon nodded. She padded up to the nest and she and her sister began making the finishing touches. When they had finished, they both settled together to sleep,
    “Good night sis.” Rosetalon meowed yawning.
    “Night. And, congratulations becoming a warrior.” Dovepaw yawned and within seconds, she was asleep.

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