It all Started at a Concert

Rosalie has two sisters that absolutely go crazy for One Direction. Her on the other hand, not so much she just thinks of them as ordinary people, well they sort of are. So when she saves up enough money to buy her sisters and her tickets to a concert, and passes to meet them after. How will she react when one of the boys takes a liking to her?


3. My knight in shinning armor


First off wanted to say a big thanks to micheals.girl for giving me the idea if it wasn't for your idea i think this chapter would have been really stupid, anyways thnx. So so so so so so SORRY for not updating sooner and leaving y'all wanting more :) Just wanted to say that i'm going to try and update more but not making any promises, schools been a real bitch lately so I've got a bunch of test this week but i'll try anyway just for y'all. Hope you guys like the new chapter I tried to make it as long as I could and still not make it to boring. And also I love everyones comments every time i get a notification and i see a comment the they want me to update. It just brightens my day and my friends and family probably think i'm an idiot for being all giggle and happy over this little thing but thats all right IDGAF.

Harry's POV

The concert was about to end and we only had 2 more songs left to sing. I've been staring at the girl in the front row, and she hasn't even looked at me, except for a couple of times that she glanced at me slightly then turned away. I really wanted to get her attention. I wanted to ask her what her name was. Why is she so fucking beautiful? Its like I've fallen for her and hard. 

Niall: Mate, your literally drooling. What or who are you looking at so intensely at?

Niall said, then following my eyes to the mysterious girl.

Niall: Woah! She's really hot now I know why. I think she's the most prettiest fan I've ever seen.

"Mmmhm" Is all I could get out still staring at her. I think I looked like a stalker. It looked like she was starting to get really sweaty but I didn't pay attention to it as it was my part to sing next.

Rosalie's POV

I turned to face Mimi.

"Hey, is it hot or is it just me?" I asked my screaming little sister.

Mimi turned to face me and stopped her yelling.

Mimi: No, why? OMG Rosalie are you okay you're sweating like crazy?

I felt my sweat running down my forehead. Next thing I knew I was on the ground.

And everything faded to black.

Harry's POV

I finished singing my part and was getting worn out so I decided to sit down on the stage not too far from the girl I was previously and still staring at. I saw her talking to someone then I saw fall to the ground.

I jumped off the second I saw her fall to the ground and went to where she was.

~Skip to when she got help and she's now in the boys dressing room backstage~

We stopped the concert, there was only one song left any way and the fans understood. Paul volunteered to help her to the dressing room, where she is now. She's lying on the couch while I held her hand and sat on the floor, she looked really pale and less filled with life then before when I saw her earlier. The boys were also in the room they were on the other couches talking to her sisters, or more like the lads were doing all the talking and they just sat there shocked. 

"One questions, whats your sister's name by the way?" I asked her sisters that looked over to me and finally spoke.

"Rosalie," one of the girls answered finally speaking, I think she said her name was Mimi I think. Man, even her name is beautiful.

I felt a slight movement in my hand that was holding hers. "Hey I think she's waking up" I said to the boys that stopped their conversations and walked over to the couch.

Mimi: Hey Harry, One question.

"Yea, shoot"

Mimi: Do you like my sister or something, because she's never mentioned you before?

Annie: I think she would have told us if they've met before Mimi, she knows how much we like One Direction.

"No we've never met before, I just saw her on stage and thought she was really prett-" I got interrupted by Niall.

Niall: That's an understatement, he thinks she's the prettiest girl in the world, since he was literally drooling over her. 

The girls giggled a bit and I blushed a bit also.

I felt Rosalie's hand grip tighten and her eyes flutter open.

Rosalie's POV

I woke up to a curly brown haired boy holding my hand and the other guys I saw on stage and my sisters sitting around me. His hand felt really soft and warm. I felt safe for some reason. 

Harry: Hello love how are you feeling?

"I'm fine, where am I?" I asked siting up on the couch I was laying on and looking around. The curly haired boy still holding my hand.

Niall: Your in our dressing room. You fainted during the concert, love.

"Oh" My head was throbbing and I felt like a train wreck.

Harry: Do you think you can think back to why you fainted? 

"I-i" I hesitated, I know why I fainted but I don't want to tell them. They'll all pity me and give me a sympathy look. 

Louis: You can tell us, we promise to not judge.

Everyone nodded at Louis' comment trying to get me to open up. My sisters were probably very worried. They are very good, like extremely good at hiding their emotions. But I could see that they were on the verge of crying. Fuck i'm screwed I have to tell them know. Okay here goes nothing.

"Sorry to have everyone worried about me."

Harry: That's all right love it just means we care. 

Harry said smiling at me, I don't know why but he still hasn't let go of my hand. I honestly didn't mind I mean he was really cute and his hands were soft and smooth. I continued again.

"I guess I wanted you girls to have enough on your plate, and having to pay for bills did't really help with the budget we have. So I didn't have enough money to by some food for me, so I haven't really eaten anything for about 5 days now." I said pointing to my sisters.

Mimi POV

My heart sunk when my big sister said that. I didn't know that she didn't eat when we got back from school I thought she eaten before we got home. She would always say that she already ate at work and just sit at the table and talk to us about school. That must have killed her to see us eat and her starving herself to deaf. I felt so terrible, I could feel the tears streaming down my face. I felt someone wrap their arms around me. I looked up and saw that it was Niall, I can't believe that my favorite person from One Direction was hugging me. I must have looked like an idiot, crying so much. I felt like if we hadn't gone to the concert Rosalie would have died. I feel so bad and sorry towards her. She's been through so much with mother beating her, father leaving, and it brought her to cutting herself because she thought she was worthless.

"I'm so sorry Rosalie I-we didn't know you were struggling that much to raise us. We're so sorry." I said getting out of Niall's arms and running to Rosalie to engulf her into a hug, and she was also crying when I hugged her. The boys must have looked really confused, because they don't know anything about our past. 

Rosalie: I-it's alright Mimi i-it's not like you could have known, I didn't want you and Annie to see how much of a failure I am to but of you girls.

We pulled away and we were talking while we both tried to stop crying.

"No it's not alright we are so sorry. And don't be so hard on yourself you are the best sister in the whole world. What kind of sister would drop out of high school for us and work her ass off to make sure there was food on the table?" I asked and she smiled her beautiful smile again. I looked at the boys and their eyes were wide with sadness in them. I mouthed "I'll tell you later" and they all nodded. 

Rosalie: There ar-

"No there are not many people who would stay with their family after all that has happened in their lives, no don't say that you don't deserve us, and you are a failure because we don't deserve you and everything you have done for us, we wouldn't even be here if it weren't for you." I said and we started laughing because it felt a little awkward expressing ourselves like this, if you haven't noticed we aren't the best at it.

Annie came to us both and hugged us.

Annie: We both love you Rosalie, I hope you know that

Annie said and pulled away.

"Yea, we do so don't go and starve yourself or anything that could get you killed or we wouldn't have anyone to tuck us in anymore, plus we're too young to do anything anyway." I said and she laughed.

Rosalie: I love you guys.

She said and we all hugged each other again, but this time the boys joined in also. I think I heard some of them sniffling, because  of our little confession time or whatever you call it. They're a bunch of softies. I didn't want this moment to ever end it just felt so right like I finally had a complete family, not that Rosalie and Annie weren't my complete family, hell they are my world, but I don't know it just felt more complete, if that makes any sense.

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