It all Started at a Concert

Rosalie has two sisters that absolutely go crazy for One Direction. Her on the other hand, not so much she just thinks of them as ordinary people, well they sort of are. So when she saves up enough money to buy her sisters and her tickets to a concert, and passes to meet them after. How will she react when one of the boys takes a liking to her?


4. Chapter 4


haha i don't have a name for this chapter so yeah!!

Harry's POV

After what I saw today the boys and I were all crying with the girls. It was like watching a movie being made right in front of me. My heart broke when she said she hadn't eaten in 5 days. It brought the boys and i to tears, it probably hurt Niall the most because he eats like there is no tomorrow every single day. I think that it made us all realize how much we've been taking for granted, and not realizing how much ne have that people don't and take it for granted like it doesn't matter. I don't know why but Rosalie makes me feel like I want to cuddle her and keep hr in my arms forever. 

When the girls stopped talking the boys and I joined in with their group hug. It was a warm feeling,a feeling of being complete.

I want to get to know Rosalie, and of course her sisters also, they seem like big fans. Rosalie is absolutely gorgeous, and I think that the boys agree also, just seeing her and her and her sisters let their feelings out, it was just beautiful, she's beautiful. Wait why does that sound so gay? Well whatever I'm going to do whatever it takes to make her mine.

We all finally broke away from the group hug which felt like hours. Not going to complain though, I was next to Rosalie and she smelled like the tropical rainforest, which was absolutely amazing.

Rosalie looked around the room and landed her eyes on her sister Annie. 

Rosalie: Umm, may I asked who saved me?

Annie:Oh um when you fainted, Harry saw you and jumped off the stage to help you, but Paul actually carried to in here.

She explained and moved her eyes from Rosalie to me. 

Rosalie: Oh, but which one's harry?

Oh, I thought she was a fan, I guess not. But I was a happy because she wasn't one of those screaming fans that always stalked us and stuff. 

Louis: Oh I take it that you're not a fan then love.

Louis said stating the obvious.

Rosalie:Umm yeah sorry, not really, but don't get me wrong your songs are lovely. Just not exactly my type of music.

Niall:Thats all right we don't mind. We were just messing with you anyways.

Rosalie: Right

She said then giggled softly, causing everyone to burst out laughing at how awkward we were being. I giggle was so cute.

"Uhh any way I'm harry by the way" I said looking at her when she turned her head to me.

Rosalie: Oh right thanks for having me and tell Paul I said thank you also.

"I didn't do much but thank you"

We were still sitting around the girls just talking and laughing our asses of, Rosalie was really funny and such a fun person to be around, so were her sister. We decided to order pizza when we got to the hotel. We invited her and her sisters, she tried to declined but we begged her and soon enough she said ok.

--At the hotel--

We arrived at the hotel and the pizza soon came after. We all dived in even the girls. I guess they really don't eat that much at home because they were literally stuffing their faces, I think it even took Niall by surprise. It was so cute that they didn't care how they looked eating like monsters in front of us. The boys and I all sat there laughing, hen the girls swallowed they joined in also.

Rosalie:What? I mean it free food and we're starving.

She said laughing and grabbing another piece. Damn this girl can eat, maybe even more than Niall.

We laughed and nodded and continued to eat. They soon left and we got their numbers. I was stuffed and really sleepy. It was like 11:23pm and I decided to take a shower then sleep. I finished and jumped in bed. Louis came and laid down next to me on the bed.

Louis: You like her don't you mate?

"Yeah I do, a lot actually." I said blushing a bit, but Louis did't notice.

Louis: Thats great mate, she's really something.

"Yeah I know, I think I might ask her out soon." I said and turned my head towards Louis to see his reaction.

Louis: I think you should she's amazing, lets just hope she has some friends.

Louis said sitting up and smiling. I laughed and got under the covers.

"Don't worry mate I got you" I said then falling into a deep sleep.

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