A journey to save humans reboot story


1. the beggining

there was darkness full of empty space like gravity but darkness there had been light that it had been opened like a door there had been light that had been bright as light like it was a reflection of something you can enter but light had pushed its way out of it like gravity that had flew through light that had used all creation of its own to life that stars but first in the image of light .light that had created all of its universe that had brought wounder to it light that had brought life that fixed everything there was this light that was called the eligh that had opened doors to small universes known as galaxies but nothing was in them as it went through the light gave out a light and had used it for a gass of dust to create stars that we're going to be created by heat and more energy of what stars can do the light that went out of galaxies and dimensions created them that had flew as fast but known as the speed of light to open them as fast as it was that was an amour of energy that was able to open these doors to the universe but left dust as gasses for stars to open doors of the universe so as demensions in time of an alternate universe the light that was able to pass to other planes of the universe so then years later the solar system was created there had been 12 planets the moon that was formed by a meteor to form into one the moon was round it was perfect the sun which had been formed by fire as heat of stars .stars that would reflect light when light had descended to Mars it was the same for earth but it was one light that had created many but multiple lights as dust of the earth that formed life on Mars when the lights had descended to Mars they had found there way Becouse it was something they had needed to see what life would be there nommater how hard it would take they would do there best to succeed to their best on Mars the first had been formed into the planet as dust of Mars then grew as life into someone intelligent there was many just as of the earth like pepole of the earth but way smarter they were stronger people who had lived on the planet day by day they had got smarter from what they were told by other guardians who wanted them to survive to grow strengths but people who would not show fear not even a sense of darkness becouse they knew there were both that had truly existed they heard stories of the moon but an in event that other guardians had went through but was another earth of the timeline of the earth they new today but was the future of human existence the guardians that looked at humans and seen them they wanted to help them but they could pass the law of their own world Becouse humans needed trust and if they had passed by with humans being afraid it would break the law of the universe but they had seen their emotions and looked at them they could not as they always fly these souls of another galexy or universe they see the moon one part is black and one spot is white it was a sign that other life forms had knew the sign of peace and darkness the way the moon is from different times it is an event that is about to happen in time that humans could not know but by heart to them it was hard to understand Becouse they could not never find out when ever the guardians reach the race on Mars they were mention secrets that natural humans never heard they were told from the 369 that sour rounded them had gave them great visions that stars were able to create lasers that lasers were able to open demensions and galaxy's using that amount of energy to open them it takes energy when 3days had passed there was a light in the stars it had opened one light had flew by as fast as it reaches to Mars the light that pepole of Mars seen it was a light that transformed into the image as they were just as the human beings the name of this angel was named egell he had said to them one of them was glad he was them that they needed to learn more but they who had not much doubt the angel opened one of his hands and there was a light he had let it go and it also transformed into a angel her name was egailra the two angels had named one of them e1 that he was called e1 that was a meaning of a galaxy or universe what state he was or were he belonged and another was named Amer the Angels who knew them in the heavens what there real names were but here also they are given a name but what challeges they take or what they will for good when e1 heard from other guardians about earth he had wanted to go to see what it was like but the Angels would not let him that there was Mutch to do but there is someone myby who needs help who was a boy a teenager at the age of 13 his name who was izic a kid who was in danger but who will become bionic and around the earth strage things are happening in the year 2016 dangers that would lead into a apocalyptic war that would end all life Amer could not believe this but that is human kind that is causing war that they have to be strong as they are but knew hearing this they must be different the Angels had seen and said to them it is different humans manipulating them causing them to be weaken of hurt humans who could never face this alone if they build trust in their heart the universe changes what happens now in the earth it can alter earth is time line even in the future that going into any time line that it could change and lead to a world of peace the Angels had wanted .egell had revealed the sword of light and had wanted them to battle one on one but was the first challenge to prove who is worthy and they will be given streagth and be given power ounce they completed tests and the God of earth will summon great power but do not cross the law of violence if made it must be made In to peace that there is trust in love and these who accept the tests they are given trust also it was Amer up for the challenge and another of the race named aberjul these names that were strong names the angel egailra who had showed love in her heart Becouse they had obeyed not the Angels it was them who had to obey God not the Angels but to listin to them of great truth egell gave the sword of light to Amer and egailra who gave the sword of fire to aberjul. That Amer knew as strong as he was that he would fight what ever given enemy as he had looked at aberjul he had looked into his eyes he had given him a strong serious look but aberjul would not be able to refuse any battle Because he would fight for any strength that would be given as the angel said to them to battle they had did as aberjul would strike would the sword of fire amer would strike dodge roll in any active way but who was fast but aberjul who was stronger that he was not strong as the streagth he had it was the power he was created with after learning that humans were created by the dust of the earth they were created the same then on the planet of Mars they had grew out who they were by the eternal light that can make anything possible but as they grew out into the planet of Mars they had needed to learn from there with the sword of light amer had and with each attack it had reflected the memories of the angel egell who would learn a lot from the heavens of earth God and remembered exactly how they were created as they were formed by their creator he had shined his light power but his hands that had glowed like heat but it was the power to heal but to create so Mutch more that everything in the universe was created by love and that is one of the elements that a god can use as he had use light on them he had thought of them strong and tall like 8 feet tall but shoulders that were large that they were bigger then humans with a God that can heal and create so Mutch things it is the element of love that can create so Mutch more to always watch what you create to give it life when it needs it but to always protect it that it grows like light but light that reflects wisdom not only wisdom it reflects the glory of something that is created but the glory of a creator egell had remembered in the heavens they would train to learn about the heavens and more knowledge that humans did not see Angels who had a nice face but it was not like a human face it was a face that was light and could shine that everything that is created by love by light in time they are all lights and of the universe egell learned he had remembered he had seen this scroll that heavens would cry out to see is worthy to open it but there was no one after learning and obeying the Angels were given opportunities responsibility to keep the universe in balance to help there were messenger Angels who could go into dreams to help them to give messeges there are protector Angels who can protect you and watch you that are guardians and Angels who can fly they are travelers Angels who can take the human form that show wisdom of the lights that means knowledge with each attack they made he remembered wrestling with his broughter and sisters the Angels were a family who would always sing after seeing that he had pointed his hand the angel said to be steal egailra had seen how strong they were and said to any guardian here who is worthy will be given power but by great responsibility that it takes that to succeed to pass they will be given authority by the summon of God in the heavens that no guardian shall never fail he or she that fails will unbalance the universe the angel egailra knew if they were given tests they would be able to pass but know that love was the element that allowed any power that was given to them it would be able to work that they would accept but it was only the acceptance of love egell had said to them as egailra had wanted them to understand same thing for the human world that any power any ability they can not see but given it would only work by love an element of creation that could only match with it that love was the way of all creation that gave birth of multiple universes that started in the beginning when egailra had told the sword of light and fire to be gone it was gone and amer and aberjul had seen how it works when e1 one of the first to be named by an angel she took e1 to the moon but she who showed him the knowledge of the stars that they who had life in them but not only had life they were able to communicate to you and e1 had understand how it works when they had explained it she had called out a star but a name used in the greek word but was a name of an angel in the heavens angellos when she had called out the star she had named but was already a name given it came to her she had touched the star and she could see what it had showed her as her hand had touched it she had showed it love and care and it had showed her things that would happen that would appear to earth as close as they were she could see she could see that there was hope that there was peace but she had also seen the violence that try to make her weak the moon that would fall from the sun that would reflect heat and burn the surface of the moon and when she had seen that violence she would feel sad as it would fall into the earth .the earth burn in fire earth had been gone when e1 had said what happen she did not want to tell him becouse she knew in her heart no angel can not pass in risking the future in 2016 when she had first seen e1 she knew he was hope to a world that can bring that when she had said to e1 a future cannot be know but know in the heart as any creation is to be strong something the world could both look up to and teach him that a star can look upon your fears and strength to becarefull what you fear and e1 knew this no guardian can never fear that is the power of a guardians soul that no fear can touch that humens could see a world of anything great to their eyes he said who would show them she had smiled egailra who was pretty buetiful long black hair in white her eyes that were the color pink who said to e1 an angel is eyes can change color by love that is something to always keep close love that will make you smile love that will heal you she seen e1 is heart he was filled courage bravery and gifted talents that her and her Broughter egell may have give them power but when they had seen love their heart will change and grow more power that it takes a simple matter for humans to trust the power they have that they don't see that the Angel egailra who had truly seen but seen a world of accomplish goal that will lead everything possible e1 had said how would they do that they must fully trust in the gift as it begins to grow to exercise and become an expanded power of creation working through them there is a lot to learn e1 she had said with a smile as they flew back to Mars they were ready to go to the bridge of uniligh to meet the elder angels to learn about reflections doors and bridges while on Mars all of the guardians so call as egell had said that they were ready to prepare what they will Learn that it was not time to wait but it was time to lead into a door of great understanding as all of them had seen egell he had his hand pointed up and he had said as he had imagine a blue door light as glowing but amazing he had said to the door that was unseen to open for these who has not seen it guardians as Angels are called and is worthy o f knowledge as the light he said to the door to reveal and it was seen by the guardians and they had trusted egell with a smile or a strong face that egell was leading into peace of wisdom and that is what they needed who had Searched for answers all this time .as all 12 of them had entered plus egell and egailra they seen the blue bridge after entering this door that was unseen e1who was surprised but who was really strong at entering things and had felt an emotions that humens who were afraid that they would never do this Becouse they were humans with such doubt but he never lost his trust there are humans who were way stronger then that .that he had felt that they were all strong but we're afraid of what they do not understand e1 feels when he goes to earth there will be a lot to know who he will protect with each step of the blue bridge egell begins to say they are close to the door that when they begin to enter they will see the kingdom of the elder Angels that guards the walls of the white city they call elightmess through the blue door they see the white city that was was large and beautiful that had shined e1 had meet the Angel lady light who had said that the city was created by the elder lights that had been protected by the eligh a power that can not be touched by any guardian that the universe had begin with darkness but then when there was light it had exploded all universes the light life of the universe That was life to any being or humen lady light who had knew e1 that they are lights and they were all conected and she was happy to meet them and that they were not alone the city that was the city of knowledge amer had wanted to know what was through the doors inside of the city she had smiled as they begin to walk they see other Angels some with different color eyes but they were really tall and strong e1 begins to see that someone was a threat to izic in the future that he has to save him a creature that wants to steal his eye sights and becoming bionic that might change him forever that would make him different a scientists who helps him when he is blind to create him bionic is called dr apheres riser a genius of bionics and a theory of time e1 remembers that he would be able to change by the power egell gave him that he would be able to see into time that he was ready soon enough to take a journey to save humens and to defeat his enemy's when entering the doors of the city it was like home to e1 guardians like him but who would have the strength to teach him as they all were the alpha and he was a beta who did not understand Mutch He had seen machines that would regenerate its energy mass to the city electricity that would regenerate light to regenerate speed and separate realms of the city the past or other universes of the city regenerating light that would make in strong as one and as many he had seen doors but doors that would lead somewhere in the white city of elightmess e1 says to lady light could light regenerate separate realms how would humens do it she says they might have to regenerate its light capacity of accomplishing it to conect to another realm as their city through each door that e1 goes through there had always been something special but it takes special talent to learn by an Angel to train to accept a gift from the Angels as all of the heavens but e1 who thinks who would have to be stronger then himself amer who had agreed but wanted a gift to control a power from there gifts e1 wanted amer to be worthy of these gifted things and he would be well enough to suceed to pass and travel in what universe e1 feels in his heart if he was ever weak in life what would make him strong that he would do anything of greater good to stand in all of the light of the universe through the walls of the large city that was tall there was more then that there was land as well as conected to the city there was trees there was oceans and. Past that there was anything else just as of the earth all land that was covered with grass as the sky it was filled with the clouds light above the city when ever Angels would fly they would take the sky to watch over the city as well night that had existed in there world the city would shine the most as light at night the Angels would train when amer had first looked at the rings of power he felt like needed it the Angels who created the rings when they had traveled finding its true powers to create it the Angel malak and the white guardian who was a protector but who did not live in elightmess the white city that was a home and a home to all of the Angels when he had looked at the rings lady light shows that one ring is the balance of the universe that they all had ballence a of keeping the universe safe that it is what any angel needs any angel of peace who gathers the ring but one who would oppose its ring to possess its ring they would be able to control the ballence at multiple universes the Angels who had called them realms the ring that white guardian had holded it was never mention a ring only holded by white guardian when he begin to hold the ring it was his destiny to defeat a demon long ago at a universe as there's she said he had killed it so any universe that this demon had would be free through earth egell is in earth the year 2016 he feels Izix has been born he sees his dad come out he had looked sad a creature that came from the future who is called sunarion who was a giant and really big sunarion had wanted Izic dead Becouse of what happens in the future his dad did not understand that it does not have to be this way that he would refuse to let his son die who has been born sunarion who was a giant like a human but bigger and stronger like a monster who was really aggressive whith dark ourge eyes whith strong teeth with egell watching unseen at a hospital. Closed to some woods that was real scary for Izic is dad. That izic dad would die to save his son but something happen that. Egell would find out as a guardian someone else came from the future as well as a warp hole would open like a tunnel that had open blue as one who had came out of it a kid that was smart strong intelligent his name who was Chris skyler A kid that would stand strong for all his friends and never give up who was 16 to come save izic if he dies none of what has been accomplish would never happen that he had to pass in stoping this giant sunarion that he had fought in the past and sometimes impossible to defeat with the giant he had said it madly skyler who had yelled it out skyler he had yelled out Chris skyler begins to have different color eyes who had turned blue and have glowing energy alround him as they would fight Chris would run fast at him asnd use some kind power that would heat other enimies by this blue energy he had that had glowed when he had enough strength that would make him strong and it would glow when Chris would strike enough energy at him he knew that sunarion would never go down as well as he would fight him in the past Chris felt when there is great in this world that in this world there is responsibility of keeping things together that you have he wanted to know why he was there he wanted to know reasons why his eyes were dark ourge what kind of power did he harness to get to that level sunarion had waited so long to feel stronger almost invincible that it took a few other guardians or humans things alround the earth that humans would not find out to harness enough energy to deafeat a Titan that would grow his strength and eyes as well that after sunarion defeated a Titan he became a Titan but a giant as well one that is a giant Titan as Chris would punch him left and right Chris had wanted to make him weaker to see he would be able to defeat him in any universe nommater how hard he would try nommater if his enemy was stronger he wanted to prove that he can be strong even as weak he could be that the universe was build small but it build to be bigger and that is what skyler was he was strong punching him left and right with incredible stregth Izic dad felt who is this person that he was only a kid and he could not beleive what is going on that this kid would fight to stay strong but a kid that would get hurt so Mutch Chris got picked up throw him as Chris would jump high and yells seriously in the air punching him again Chris knew that makes you stronger could almost make you invincible that he would never let himself down izic is dad wanted to feel hope that this kid was the only way and is the future to his son is life his baby boy that has been born a son he would care for to love even if he had been lost to his son he would always be there that a father or mother would die with out there son that izic is dad would be in tears if that had happen lost with out him as a son would be lost with out his Izic is dad who had named him izic as a baby boy would smile back he would hug him today was that day for him with every angry twisted move sunarion had energy of his own as Chris would look at him into his eyes that skyler would never win not in any universe that he would fail why be chosen to have a great gift to fail to he had laughed Chris said no that one with power can never fail as hard as he try's that he could be stronger a single test that would give him the skill to do izics dad looks at him Chris could not save him this time but in a universe he would save izics dad Chris thought in a universe you can not save anyone if you save one you can not save another he thought would of that could be change he had used all his stregth blue energy sourounded him more and he had made sunarion enter this blue hole that would warp him into time were he belonged sunarion that was pulled in Chris had done it and it was over when Chris had did that his eyes would turn really blue but it was over it would turn a regular blue Chris had had blue eyes to protect his identity who he was and to protect the future be reavealed that reaveling it could change everything izic dad had said thank you he wanted to know who he was Chris had said he had knew his son that would he ever see him again if he had came back he would come to protect this universe again and that it would be Mutch worse izic is dad wanted to know what could he call him to call him an imyth Chris said to love his son Becouse he is smart strong and someone a father could always be there for that he was a friend Izic is his son he could always look up to Chris begins to walk but turns with a smile leaves into a tunnel he oped as egell still there unseen he disappears everyone in the hospital thought it was a earthqwake the police had came Izic is dad looked up that they are not the only ones that there is more in life always when egell goes back to elightmess he begins to say izic has been born that if he knew things that others would not know he would have enimies but he would have friends that were chosen of the light some who had special powers in the kingdom of elightmess home of the Angels any angel is not not filled with such doubt they were filled to be worthy as they are that cup the cup of knowledge at night again there was this arena they call battah oh dar an arena they would train an arena just like the greek world of Olympus on earth it was that in elightmess pass the tall white city pass the trees whith land and grass further until you had found the arena elightmess that is always beautiful but a world of peace that had light to see when entering and training above that there was Stars above the arena the stars to them had meant time life power and knowledge but stars they would call twadin a prince that had not been born yet and is worthy to be called prince after the prince had named him in the heavens of light who had obeyed all of the light the 7 stars that was holded in space were prince and Were the rulers of light as day on the earth or any world of life the rulers of the light were tall strong that no enemy would touch them when they had trained in the arena they would train to be guardians of the light and fight the rulers of darkness so call fear as all angels with wings were there around the arena there was one in the arena before 2 had battled e1 had seen as amer they had seen an orb of light they had heard a voice a strong voice and it was there King in the heavens of earth to thank his angels for the peace and as the peace he had gave them and his father who had created him and had protected this arena by word the fhe orb had left fast up into light at speed faster then light as one would enter the arena white guardian who has not been seen in a long time in elightmess who could become angel or anything he wishes he was one of the prince his eyes were were light .light of the just it izic and them leave but nerddred was the only one left with it something had happen so kind of gass came out he had gasp he had got effected but. It did not kill him it had changed him in a way he could not see the way he thought was different his mind was changed to become one of the advance humans on the planet the gass that came out it had shoot out alian mass that he had inhaled his normal body had died but his advance body grow he was not the mosame as he was before he had got effected his eyes had reflected more light he did not know what that had means his skin was more lighter he had freaked a little but he was a strong and wise kid who was intelligent became one the advance humans on the planet then later in the year izic had seen something who had discovered only he had knew and Chris wish he knew what it was but it was a mystery to what he had saw irious said that every father has to make a choice nomatter how hard it is in life that it could be so Mutch pains in someone is hands it could be so Mutch lost that he had to give his life to save his son Chris thought this was a bad idea there is different humans out there and that they always have plans that there were two from what is light and dark irious who wants to write izic a letter only he could open and to Chris to promise him to tell izic to come in find him somehow that he knew Chris had powers if there was any way in the universe to save him Chris nodded Chris looked sad he had left irious home Chris was still on the building just thinking looking at the sunset just looking how beautiful it is and remembered his girlfriend comeda that he would come back from this time line he had lived her the girl he would ever love Chris had felt alone but he knew he was not with this power he had his eyes were as blue he had flew in the sky with blue energy to figure out things with irious home he hugs Elizabeth she wounders what is wrong he said to her he was only happy he begins to write he was working on that he would have friends in the future to meet Chris skyler he would help and that he would have enimies to what he sees that he does not know that he would have enimes to becarefull from his father irious to not open when ready he says on the letter when irious comes to his wife still thinking if he told her the truth what happen still thinks it is a bad idea during in peace e1 has learned so Mutch already that he had to becarefull alround amer peace that had separate kingdoms as any kingdom that thisearth was conected to this heaven this earth at the verry ends of the universe e1 learned things he had wanted to know traveling through the bridge that took him to elightmess e1 speaks to the Angel aberjul that there is something different about amer aberjul did not understand but e1 wanted to see what he had knew about the unwritten doors of the universe aberjul knew that doors that were not written they were not mentioned to be open but it only takes someone worthy to open the gate of the visible realm but the visible realm is the keeper of light that light was a force able to harness gravity mass speed things beyond human abilitys that the visible realm to the earth is light it is what gives the planet power it is what gives humans power to there unthinkable knowledge aberjul had said it is ounce told that if he that is worthy to open the door to the visible universe it would grant Angels who are worthy to see the visible realm with out opening any doors of the universe that is forbidden for the unworthy to see that animals on the earth are able to see the visible realm beyond the human eye spectrum only they see the physical but what is unseen is impossible for them that one who opens this door it would lead to greater harm or to protect this universe e1 wanted to know if any guardian or angel but the same opens it with rage but not filled whith a good heart that is true what would happen aberjul had a sense the unwritten door would be open to darkness Becouse no angel guardian works energy of fear but self control to there emotions that this door would not only lead to darkness it would lead into a realm Of the opposite of what is good and what is seen to see reflection of good eyes to what is bad when egell gave e1 power he already had power to see the visible universe and of light and to see into other reflections but who did not understand yet know e1 is becoming to be stronger before his enimies had came to destroy him or what will happen when e1 came out of elightmess out of the blue door to open the conected door to Mars e had felt something never before he begins to walk slowly there had been a voice in e1 is head to not walk there to be still e1 says who are you it was egell protecting him but it was too late e1 had seen an orb like a shadow it had red eyes that nothing shall fear but to fear itself it had looked into e1 is soul trying to corrupt it in a way but e1 was to strong for that the shadow had ressurrected from what was already planned beings that this darkness had kept the shadow had resurrected the bodies to the physical form out of gass the greys had been created by the mind of this shadow that can not be seen this shadow form that will create war in earths future when e1 was in peace he had learned that was is true that the prince is father would command to control everything and the universe itself by word and it was a clue to learn that darkness does the same egell soon appears to e1 with light behind him like a reflection of another heaven and it was gone egell had appeared whith his mighty wings that were light as bright that who had the sword of light and clothed with white symbolizing peace e1 had felt amazed he would show the the shadow reconized e1 but egell who could see the face of its true form that they would battle soon enough it had disappeared as the greys grew out of the ground there was more creatures one by one different heads some were strong some were tall egell thought this is just wicked the Angel egell spoke to them in a language the Angels had created the language of the heavens he had said I do not want to fight that his creator has not written violence for good the greys had spoke in English but they who had looked scary and so Mutch dark force do not obey Angels there was reptilions it was not only the greys it was different races commanded and created by darkness there was the sunarions tricksters that has the ability to minipulate someone is mind tricking of what is good but what is evil each race had different head figures of what can destroy humans in the future if it was open to e1 had learned while in peace the prince had walked with e1 in peace but walked in a place but who walked into this door first of light and the prince had showed him a book in this small heaven after entering this cloud but was a door of light. This book that the prince had showed e1 it was a book of separate lights the called that was called lah bah know the prince had said after opening this book it was knowledge not given to the human world looking at these different races it not only made e1 weaker it had made e1 stronger that there is something about e1 that he wanted to do good to have the courage to feel the might of light upon him to defeat enemies when there is a threat when shows him the book page by page there was a reason to that the prince had a vision but a vision he did not want to happen that fear has tricked the mind of others to lead the worst to destroy what is given the race of reptilians it was read that the greys created by the command of darkness used animals and humans to create these beings the humans had became the reptiles in a experiment the humans that became non humans they had became the full species the sunarions he read at the next page was a race of giants that there was ounce humans on the earth but ones who were mighty humans who bore children to a race of giants fear had use there souls that were bad to create them out of nothing out of darkness to become as one e1 knew more what he did not understand the light has written the universe of peace but darkness has written violence the prince told e1 to be strong that there are more among you of light as of the dark that e1 will meet to have trust to trust in the light that Michael and gabrial are at the command for war against the authority's of the heavens. His father had created when war comes to him he will be like the might of a tower Michael and gabrial who are at the high lead of command for battle against the cosmic powers but powers that are rulers of heavenly places they take that becomes dark but light that makes the small heavens beyound the human eye as peace of the sky leading a greater control to lead a greather will the prince says if you are worthy of what you say but as good your command will be loud as an echo to what is bad but an attack against powers races that would walk apon the earth to minipulate human kind who would beleive they are good the earth that would take all wars in different planes of existance it was up to e1 to guide the good that he will see all of the universe even the more to the earth he had seen a new earth humans that are of light will be chosen to take place in the advance earth a perfect but humans e1 will meet in the future after during this present earth the new earth that is a door to its present earth that there are doorways that would lead there humans that are known as advance humans way smarter then the regular humans on the earth that is present but if the wars are stoped nation apon nation the earth will survive to a earth that the new earth is it will build its reflection upon creation that is new that the Stars hold universes that the earth are as one and does the same that is written upon my palm the prince says what is written on the walls of mine the prince says it will appear to its existance but it takes power for human abilitys they need to meditate e1 found all this interesting that the prince was talking about a lot this new earth wars that are going to happen that needs to be stoped he thought kind of humans would do that but e1 did not know he could also look upon thoughts he pointed his hand straight and said reveal what is true e1 had seen weapons guns that are like computer but aircrafts having a lazer system just seeing all this gun fire but most important he seen it was the Russians that were responsible that a civil war is happening the highest heavens that are written it is written upon the earth but it is written for the worthy of human kind it is written as mysteries of the universe the prince says when he is in danger command Michael and gabrial for battle over the authority he had given him while in that small heaven learning about the pages of lah bag know and discovering of the hands that were given to him that everything was created by light that in any existance of small or large heavens there was no such thing as darkness only the light the peace given to all to create a ballence in any heaven the thing about darkness e1 learns is that one with rage or not what is right creates that darkness inside them and that it seems to exist in any heaven during just thinking on Mars still whith each race screams and growling the reptilions the sunarions and other demons egell and e1 needed to do what should be done egell begins to run to them using his sword as he heard a voice to destroy these demon heads the voice that was loud as all of the heavens and said to be worthy my angel egell with the sword of light he swinger and ran and defended strongly demons with red or yellow eyes and different races e1 had comanded a sword after he pointed his hand up it was given to him egell and e1 were not alone as strong as they were there stregth was not there own there powers were not there own as well that it was all in one as the father in the heavens with e1 in the battle he had faced one of the sunarions the Giants he swing his sword at it but it was to strong it was tall it was but it was aggressive and said to e1 they are going to rule the human world one day and no one would stop then e1 looked at it that it was not true that they will stop them the giant punched e1 threw him in the air as he went to space but e1 flew back the giant through he did not learn that soon shortly egailra the sister of egell arrived she felt fear over her brother a sense of evil and seen the greys to before her eyes that how did this happen the 3 greys were standing there in front of egailra doing nothing but getting inside of her mind testing her strengths and her weaknesses found something bringing her fear bringing her to her human side but that was impossible for an angell through the greys they seen she had feared for her brother with e1 getting punched e1 started to use more strengths e1 is eyes went whith as light and glowed bright and said you will not hurt my friends e1 had used the power inside him to take over he pointed his hand at the giant his hand had light and said I command my gates oh gates I say to my enemy I banish to make it gone before my eyes to be the kind of my strengths and my weaknesses to not pass but cast my weaknesses that stand and shall be bones and dust the giant begins to growl with a loud noise it became dust as bones the light of e1 eyes were bright the giant was gone that he knew it takes stregth to do that the greys had plans for egailra knew that she was never created she was created by her brother egell and egell had knew that as egailra she knew as well she tryed to use her sword but that was no power they protected but a force field that the greys use tricks the greys screams were loud egailra as she grew weak loosing her stregth egell had seen but he did not want that egell commanded his gates to give her power he said oh gates oh my stregth that gives me enough power give my sister power give her the speed that it shall be given to her by my hand the greys had seen the kind of power that was given to her they were to smart for that the shock of lightning was heard and they were. Gone egailra had smiled she felt stronger there was still demon heads on the ground and most that were dead fighting them e1 turning one by one into dust soon shortly the loud voice of the heavens call apon Michael and Gabriel e1 for me comand then my power will work and I shall there fore banish then were they belong e1 did Michael and Gabriel was there they had different colored eyes they were really big and strong Gabriel eyes had blue eyes Gabriel had lightish green these demons different races knew who they were that stands most powerful of light they were afraid Michael was wise and intelligent just as his brother and were on high lead as an ark powers way beyound egell or e1 they had opened doors like nothing like bubbles and they had flew in there by force to different universies were they won't be seen on any only the unseen will see them or powers that will allow that e1 wanted to know were they went but it was a qwestion soon he will answear to himself e1 begins to says thanks you Michael he says your welcome to him with a smile as Gabriel and Michael flew up as light and they were gone up on e1 thought Michael and Gabriel were cool as he looks up and thinks will he be fighting these demons in the earth if they come back from these portals humans would call them gods from locked prisons that gabrial and Michael comanded with all this that happen e1 gets a sense that something big will happen on Mars after this if darkness exists that what will it bring that what is the worst that can happen as Michael and Gabriel went up to peace with light and fast traveling up into the clouds of this heaven they go in to the throne were there would be orders of the ark of what there law is and the same for other creations as one the elders Michael gets a sense that there is a enemy that it was the face of darkness same as Michael is brother knew that it is only the beggining as they look at the 7 elders who sit down on each seat in lightish green cloths who were intelligent but serious at there words and who needed the arks to be worthy to be mighty to be strong as they should be that they were there during angel creation they were mention as the mighty Angels who would come to the earth humans who have seen them in the past who had seen there face some in time they who had the face of lightning

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