Wishful Thinking

This is poetry with more words. This is story-telling with a voice. This is love and hate and screaming and crying and laughing and running and trusting and regretting and lust. This is real life.


5. Look, Before it Leaves

Her, the person that painfully takes your breath away Not for her looks, or her laugh, or her light, but for what isn't there anymore, her smile, her happiness, her heart. A friend that you miss in the dead of night because you remember what it was like to have someone there, to talk to someone who cared. And now it's killing you inside because more than one laugh when she takes her pain out on everybody else. and she's not the same. and she's not the same.   Her. That person. The one who you can't seem to form the right words to to shock her into enough stillness so she can see her light escaping her.
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