Wishful Thinking

This is poetry with more words. This is story-telling with a voice. This is love and hate and screaming and crying and laughing and running and trusting and regretting and lust. This is real life.


4. Lay Down and Breathe

Before this poem starts, let it be said that I promised a TRUE book. I would expect nothing less of myself. Therefore I will sometimes publish dark poems because that's real life. Real life consists of happy and sad, of joy and pain, of laughter and tears; sometimes combined.


I think it's okay that you're hateful.

You blame, throw around blame,

but end up taking it back in with each breath.

Others don't do it,

you make yourself.

I think it's okay that you're upset.

The world is a dark place.

It's turned its back on you;

it's left you for dead.

I think it's okay that you want to lay down.

The weight on your shoulders is pushing you down anyways.

The knot inside your stomach often travels to your heart.

and the sheets are the only thing to calm the pain.

I think it's okay that you identify with every song.

Something in the lyrics was meant for you,

for others like you.

I think it's okay that you feel alone.

A classroom is lonely,

A friend is leaving,

And one is holding it all by herself.

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