My bestfriends boyfriend

Me and brea have been friends forever , she started talking to Luke hemmings ..... They finally get to meet to but what happens when I found out I have feelings for him ...... Will I ruin my friendship or will I have to move on


17. chapter 9

Breas POV

I walk up the stairs and knock on Luke's door

" let me in please we need to talk "

He opens the door

" Luke I'm sorry that I acted like your mother it's just I'm scared luke that I'm gonna lose you an i care so much about you sense the day we frist met and I feel like if i let you keep leaving or I keep leaving nothing is gonna work out for us and I want it to " i say well looking at the floor

" listen brea I'm so so sorry i acted the way I did i never wanna lose you because you mean the world to me and I-I love you brea I love you so so much " he says

" Luke Hemmings I've always love you and I always will " he grabs my waist and pulls me in and kisses me

" let's go to Starbucks " i giggle , we get to Starbucks and shelbie is there

" well well well look who is it the bitch that stole my boyfriend " shelbie says and gets up I'm my face

" FYI shelbie she didn't steal me i choose her over a fake bitch like you " Luke says

" whatever just stay away from me you stupid cunt " she then leaves Starbucks

" wow " i say

" it's okay your beautiful an she just is jelous " he comforts me

" let's go home " we get back to the house and lay down on the couch watching mean girls ( Luke is in love with this movie ) then before I know it I'm sound to sleep in his arms dreaming about our life together

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