My bestfriends boyfriend

Me and brea have been friends forever , she started talking to Luke hemmings ..... They finally get to meet to but what happens when I found out I have feelings for him ...... Will I ruin my friendship or will I have to move on


15. chapter 8

Breas POV

I get to Ashton's house and storm in

" Ashton tell me your home "

" I'm home "

" thank god "

" why what's going on brea what's wrong are you ok ? "

" nope I am not okay but thanks for asking " I start to cry

" what's wrong what happen "

" so luke decided to punch a wall and I told him I cared about him and he decided to give me attitude and didn't even care and I walked out on him " I say we'll crying

" Luke's just being a dick like he always is he'll get over it and he will relize that he did wrong I promise "

" I really hope so "

Luke's POV

Why did I let her walk out like that why am I such a fuck head why do I do stupid shit like this I decided to go talk to calum

" hey cal "

" yo Luke what's up "

" I let her walk away man "

" oh that's not good man she's not gonna take it we'll "

" were do u think she went "

" Ashton's he's her bestfriend she always goes to him "

" yeah I know which I don't really like " I walk out of calums room and lay in my bed thinking of a way I'm gonna fix this

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