My bestfriends boyfriend

Me and brea have been friends forever , she started talking to Luke hemmings ..... They finally get to meet to but what happens when I found out I have feelings for him ...... Will I ruin my friendship or will I have to move on


9. chapter 5

Breas POV

I wake up in Luke's arms and all the boys are sleeping in weird places but I get out of Luke's grip an decide to go make bacon and eggs just as I was getting done I feel arms around me

" good morning beauty " Luke wisphers in my ear

" we'll hello handsome " I kinda blush

" BREAKFAST IS DONE " I tell and everyone comes to the table and starts to eat when I catch Michael staring at me

Michaels POV

Damn she's prefect why does like get the hot ones , no way imma fight for her she is gonna be mine one day and not Luke's I find myself stare at her and she catches me an I quickly look away

Luke's POV

I see Michael stare at brea and it makes me wanna punch him right there and then but the she grabs my hand to reinsure me and it calms me down but I know that Michael won't stop at nothing to get a girl he wants and I'll have to fight my best mate

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