My bestfriends boyfriend

Me and brea have been friends forever , she started talking to Luke hemmings ..... They finally get to meet to but what happens when I found out I have feelings for him ...... Will I ruin my friendship or will I have to move on


21. chapter 12

Breas POV

I wake up with a sick feeling and soon I run to the washroom throwing up a lot and then I feel someone beside me holding my hair

" babe your sick " Luke's says softly

" it's morning sickness I'm gonna be ok can you go make some pan cakes the baby really wants pancakes " i giggle as I wipe my mouth

" of course " he kisses my forehead and goes to make pancakes

I get dress and out on alittle make up , my things have Ben getting to thigh on me so I need to go shopping soon , I walk down stairs and there pancakes on a plate with a rose

" awe luke your so sweet " i dig in right away

" anything for my princess " he takes my hand

" so luke are the boys coming today " i ask

" well they wanna see you yes " he says

" okayy well tell them to come now " he texts an about 10 mins later there here

" breaaaaaa " Michael runs over and hugs me

" not to tight the baby "

" oh yeah sorrrrrrryy " he says and I just nod

" missed uo brea " Calum hugs me and i hug back

" yeah brea I've missed u too brea " Ashton hugs me too

" well guys the baby is excited to meet you guys " i giggle as time past we've ate 2 boxes of pizza and watched movies not long after the boys leave

" so brea wanna go on a date tomorrow " Luke says out of the blue

" of course baby " i smile kissing him softly never wantin to stop

Luke's POV

Little did brea know that within the next couple of months I'm gonna ask her to marry me becaise I wanna make this the best for her because she needs the best i watch as brea drifts off to nap and I do the same

Are you guys excited there gonna get married well if brea says yes of course love you guys xx 😘

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