My bestfriends boyfriend

Me and brea have been friends forever , she started talking to Luke hemmings ..... They finally get to meet to but what happens when I found out I have feelings for him ...... Will I ruin my friendship or will I have to move on


1. chapter 1

" SHELBIEEEE" brea yelled as she walked into my house like she always do

" yes brea " I looked over at her she looked really happy

" so you know how I've been talking to Luke hemmings ..... We'll he's coming out tomorrow and I'm finally gonna meet him but I want u to come with me " she gave me her puppy dog eyes

" sure why not I have nothing to do tomorrow anyways " I smiled

" he's bringing his friends with him too so you might just be able to finally get a date " she laughed at me

" I don't think so I don't want a boyfriend " I looked down

" don't be so dumb , I'm sure once you meet the guy you like you'll totally date him , as long as it's not luke " she winked at me joking

" whatever " I said as she walked out hugging me goodbye ..... Brea has been my bestfirend for as long as I can remember , I've been there for her she's be there for me and nothing could ruin our friend ship , but ever sense she got a boyfriend she barley comes over but she will talk to me but it's like she's getting distant maybe her boyfriend coming will fix stuff we will find out tomorrow.

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