Fixing a broken friendship is proven to be a lot more difficult when your friend is the one who needs fixing.

WARNING: may include swearing and mature topics.


4. Chapter Two •Audrey•

Chapter Two •Audrey•

I place the last figurine on the mantle above the fireplace and take a step back to admire my work.

My mom has an impressive collection that she started when she was a little girl. Her favourite was a pink, crystal heart box that sat in the centre. My father had known how much she loved collecting small trinkets and had given it to her on their third year anniversary. Inside it was an engagement ring.

"I think you should have put the glass butterfly on the left of the fairy statue." A mocking voice comments from behind me.

I turn around and glare at my younger brother, Fletcher. He is lounging on the couch with his game controller gripped in his hand. His eyes are glued to the television.

"If you're so worried about the placement of the statues then you should have helped me instead of sitting on your butt playing a brain rotting video game." I say picking up the empty box I had discarded.

"I'd rather rot my brain." He says taking his eyes off the screen for two seconds to look at me under his fringe of dirty blonde hair.

After recycling the box I follow the sent of chocolate chip muffins to the kitchen. My mom is packing muffins in small tins.

"Hi honey! Do you mind doing me a favour? I need these muffin tins to be delivered to some old friends." She says stacking the three tins into a bag.

"Do I have to?" I ask wanting nothing more then to lie down after a long morning of unpacking.

"Yes. I would do it myself, but I'm making one more batch for our new neighbours."

"Alright. Who am I delivering them to?"

"Mrs. Jackson, the Baxters and the Kennedys." She says counting them off on her fingers.

One last name in particular catches my attention.


My mom brings me back to Earth as she says, "Oh and bring Fletcher with you. He's been glued to that tv all morning."

"Alrighty!" I say excitingly grabbing the bag from my moms hands, earning a confused look from her.

I skip out of the kitchen and yell, "Fletcher I'm delivering muffins and mom wants you to come! If you're not in the car in five minutes I'm leaving without you!"

After grabbing the car keys I make my way to my moms small, green Jeep.

Just as I'm about to pull out of the driveway Fletcher comes scurrying out of the house.

"I'm surprised you wanted to come." I say as I drive down the street.

"Mom said if I didn't I wouldn't get any of her choclate chip muffins, so I had no choice." He says in a bored voice.

"Cheer up, you get to bond with your amazing big sister."

"I'd rather be shooting zombies. Heck I'd rather have real zombies come and shoot me." He says leaning against the door, staring at the passing houses.

"Gee love you too." I say sarcastically.

My first stop was the Kennedys, a friendly family that we used to live next to.

The sound of a dog barking erupts as I knock on the front door.

A petite women opens the door as she shoos the dog, Mr. cuddles, away.

She looks up at us with a big smile on her face. "Your mother told me that you two would be dropping off muffins and I almost cried out of joy! I haven't had your mothers baked goods in years! So how are you two doing?"

"We're doing good Sherry, how about you?" I say for the both of us as Fletcher hands her the tin of muffins.

"I couldn't be any happier, my daughter Melissa just had a baby boy! Oh he is the cutest little thing!" She gushes her smile somehow getting even bigger.

Sherry had always been very upbeat and friendly, which is why my mom had often spent afternoons chatting with her over tea.

After a bit of a catch up Sherry finally let us go.

About ten minutes away in a small strip mall sat a cute little bookstore. The owner is an elderly lady named Mrs. Jackson.

The bell jingles as I push open the door. The summer breeze rushes by and gently rocks the wind chimes that are hanging in the window.

"Is that who I think it is, or are my reading glasses playing a trick on me?" A white haired lady says as she switches her reading glasses for another pair.

"Hi Mrs. Jackson, is good to see that you're still running the bookstore." I say placing the muffins on the counter.

"My eyes do not deceive me, it is Audrey and Fletcher Coleman. What brings the two of you to my bookstore?"

"We just moved back into town a couple days ago." Fletcher explains.

"Thats great news! You two have always been my favourite costumers. Are these your moms muffins?" She asks taking the small tin between her frail hands.

"Yeah, she knows how much you and Mr. Jackson like them." I say with a warm smile.

"Well make sure to thank her for me. I can't wait to taste one during my break." She says tucking them behind the counter.

"Sure thing. We'll see you around." I say as I make my way to the door, hand on the handle before realizing that Fletcher was no longer by my side.

I turned to find him in deep conversation with a friend of his.

"Fletcher lets go, we're not done delivering the muffins yet."

"Audrey can't you deliver them on your own? Jeremy wants me to tag along with him to the skatepark."

Before my irritated sister instincts could kick in a thought occurred. It would be better if I didn't have to drag Fletcher along with me.

"Alright, as long as you're safe and don't come home too late." I say moving towards the door once more.

"Thanks mini mom." He says with a genuine smile.


I climb the stairs stopping before the door.

This was it. The Baxter's house.

The last time I was here I was saying goodbye to my best friend Aaron. It had been a sad day for me and I remember shedding quite a few tears. I also remember Aaron assuring me that we would keep in touch, he had promised. And he had kept his word, everyday we would text or call or email. Then one day I didn't hear from him, it was about two years after I left. That summer I had tried everyday to get in touch with Aaron, but its been a year since I last heard from him. It had hurt and still stings, he disappeared without a reason. I was left wondering if he just forgot about me or was mad at me.

What if he didn't even want to see me again?

I hesitantly knock on the door and take a step back.

I suddenly feel ten times more nervous as I hear steps from the other side of the door. I try to reassure myself with the fact that the chances of Aaron himself answering the door are slim.

The lock clicks and the door opens just enough for a figure to lean against it.

"Audrey?" A confused voice asks.

And there he stood.

Aaron Baxter.

I couldn't help but notice how grown up he looked. He was no longer around my height, he was at least a foot taller now. His black hair still stuck up in every direction possible, but his brown eyes seemed to lose their shine and carried dark circles underneath. His mouth was in a small frown. He looked tired. Despite the fact that it was summer he was wearing a hoodie and checkered pyjama pants. It was clear he had been sleeping not too long ago.

I smile before saying, "Yup, my family just moved back into town a couple of days ago."

He just stares at me, his mouth slightly open clearly having trouble processing what I just said.

An awkward silence falls over as he continues to look at me like I just magically appeared out of thin air before his eyes.

I didn't exactly know what to expect, but it definitely wasn't this.

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