Fixing a broken friendship is proven to be a lot more difficult when your friend is the one who needs fixing.

WARNING: may include swearing and mature topics.


8. Chapter Six •Audrey•

Although its only been a couple of days its clear that my friendship with Aaron is nowhere near what it used to be. Our conversations are short and he always looks like he wishes to be elsewhere. Everyday my curiosity eats away at me. Especially about Nicole. Why didn't he want to talk about her? I badly want to know what's bothering him so I can help.

"Mom I don't think things will ever be the same with Aaron. Its clear that he wants nothing to do with me." I say as I take another handful of popcorn from the bowl.

"Hun you can't give up. Don't take it personally. Danielle told me that he pushed all his friends away and eventually they gave in and gave him the space he wanted." My mom says putting the novel she was reading on the coffee table.

"Maybe I should do that too, give him space?" I say feeling defeated.

"Audrey its almost been a year, Danielle thinks its time for him to not have so much space. She thinks that he needs his friends." She says with a worried look.

I let out a sigh and place the bowl on the side table. Before I can even think of a response my moms cell phone starts ringing.

I want answers but I risk losing Aaron if I find them. But don't I deserve to know? Everyone else seems to...

"Mom I'm going out!" I yell as I throw on my Converse shoes and slip out the front door.

I'm not going to get answers until Aaron opens up, and he's not going to open up unless things between us are like they used to be.

It takes me a bit longer then it used to, to walk to Aaron's house and I use the extra time to formulate a lame excuse of a plan.

As I walk up to the front door I pray that Aaron is magically in a good mood.

I ring the doorbell causing a small voice to yell, "There's someone at the door!"

Following the voice is footsteps and the click of a lock. The door swings open revealing a stressed out Thomas, but in mere seconds a smile breaks out on his face.

"Audrey! It's been too long. Danielle told me you, Fletcher and your mom were back, it's nice to see she wasn't pulling my leg!" He says opening the door wider. "I assume you came to see Aaron? God only knows that, that boy needs to get out of his room. You can go straight up."

"Thank you." I say with a small laugh as I brush past him to the stairs.

As I ascend the stairs my eyes graze over framed photos hanging on the wall. Some familiar, some new. Aaron, age eight showing off his body builder strength as he attempts to lift a nine year old Nicole. New born Grace, whom was both a surprise and a blessing, wrapped in a lavender blanket. The three of them standing in front of a blossoming maple tree, unaware of the camera as they look at each other with carefree grins. The picture looks to be newer but still a bit out dated judging by how Grace looks even younger then she already is.

"Audrey?" A voice snaps me out of my thoughts as I realize I've stopped in the middle of the stairs.

I look up to find Aaron on the top step looking at me like I'm some sort of intruder.

"Oh Aaron, hey. I was on my way up to see you and well, I guess I got distracted." I say trying not to cringe at how stupid I sound. "This is a really cute candid."

After a moment of silence he finally says a simple, "Thanks."

"Where is this taken?" I ask.

"A cottage we bought two years ago..." He says with a frown as he leans against the railing.

"It's really beautiful." I say giving it another look.

"So what exactly are you doing here?" He asks with a skeptical look.

"Oh, I came to see if you wanted to go to Mrs. Jackson's bookstore? Its been so long since I've read a good book."

"I'm not really in a reading mood." He deadpanned as he brushed past me down the stairs.

"Okay, how about we go to that trail we use to hike on?" I suggest, hoping to peak some sort if interest.

"Not in a hiking mood."

"Umm, what about that roller rink, I haven't roller bladed in ages-" I look up to find Aaron staring back blankly. "Wait let me guess, your not in a roller blading mood either?"

"Wow you catch on quick." He says with a sarcastic smirk.

I frown unsure what to do next.

"Don't let me stop you from doing any of those things." Aaron says as he slowly approaches the front door.

"Wouldn't be much fun by myself." I say trying to guilt trip him like I used to.

Aaron looks at me while biting his lip in contemplation. "Look Audrey don't take it personally I'm just not in the mood to go out."

"When will you be?" I say brightening up a bit.

"Honestly probably never." He says with a sad smile.

I sigh giving him a defeated look, as I reach for the door handle. "Well sorry to bother you." I say pulling open the door.

He doesn't protest as I leave.

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