Fixing a broken friendship is proven to be a lot more difficult when your friend is the one who needs fixing.

WARNING: may include swearing and mature topics.


6. Chapter Four •Audrey•

Chapter Four •Audrey•

The moment I step through the front door after dropping off the muffins I almost bump into my mom who is slipping on a pair of shoes.

"Audrey perfect timing. I was just heading to the ice cream shop to see Danielle. You should come too."

"Alright." I say without much thought. I love Danielle, she's basically my second mom.

"Where's Fletcher?" My mom asks peering over my shoulder.

"He went to the skatepark with Jeremy." I say handing her the car keys.

"Good he's finally getting fresh air."


In the car I flip through the radio stations trying to find a decent song.

"Audrey theres something I need to tell you before we get there." My mom says with a serious tone.

I turn the radio off and turn to her.

"What is it?"

"You should know that Aaron has been going through a rough patch." She says glancing at me from the corner of her eye. "Danielle told me all about it and asked me not to tell you but instead just warn you. She said it's better to wait until he's ready to talk to tell you, rather than hear it from one of us. He's been pushing everyone away lately and she thinks you might be able to help."

My heart aches hearing that something is going on with Aaron and curiosity sparks within me as I wonder what exactly is wrong with him.

"Is it really bad? I'm sort of confused what type of rough patch are we talking about here?"

"Lets just say that something happened and he's having trouble coping." My mom says with pity in her eyes.

"Wouldn't it be better if I knew? How am I going to cheer him up if I'm left in the dark?"

"If you knew you'd give him the same look of pity all his other friends gave him. That's what Danielle thinks drove him to push people away. He's always reminded of what happened. Maybe with you it can be different." She says as we pull up to the shop.

I nod understandingly.

I care about Aaron, time hasn't changed that. I am going to help him.

After a moment of silence we get out of the car and head for the door.

A cute little jingle sounds and the giggles of excited children fill the room.

"Danielle!" My mom sequels as she pulls her into a tight hug.

"Its so good to see you." Danielle says with a smile.

"How are you doing." My mom asks and I could tell the way she asked wasn't just to be polite. She genuinely wanted to know. Which makes me wonder.

"I'm doing okay." She answers with a tight smile.

My mom hugs her again before they start talking.

"Audrey!" Grace says throwing her small arms around my legs.

"Hey Grace, what did you order?"

"Chocolate chip, with caramel and sprinkles!" She says excitingly as she points to the cup Aaron is picking up from the counter.

"That sounds yummy!"

"It is! You should get it too!"

"Maybe I will." I say as I step up to the cashier.

Aaron gives me frown before leading Grace to a booth where our moms were settled.

"I'll have a small chocolate chip with caramel and sprinkles in a cup." I say to the worker behind the counter.

I pick up my order and make my way to the booth, sliding into the seat next to my mom.

Across from me Grace sits in between Danielle and Aaron giving her full attention to the ice cream in front of her.

Aaron too has ice cream in front of him that has his full attention. Only he isn't eating it, but mashing it.

"What flavour did you get Aaron?" I ask although it's pretty obvious.

"Strawberry." He says without looking up.

"You should have added sprinkles to it, sprinkles make everything better." Grace comments as she shows Aaron the sprinkles on her spoonful of ice cream.

The corners of his mouth slightly turn upwards as he puts her hovering spoon in his mouth. "You're right sprinkles are good."

"Hey! That was mine!" Grace protests as she steals some of his ice cream. "Audrey did you know that a unicorn's favourite food is sprinkles?" Grace says seriously, well as serious as a four year old can get.

"No I did not. What do they eat them with?" I ask holding back a laugh.

"They eat them with everything!" She says flailing her hands in the air.


After a good hour or so when all of our ice cream is long gone and Grace is beginning to become impatient Danielle decides its time to go.

"Mia why don't you and Audrey come back to the house?" She asks my mom in the parking lot.

Aaron's head snaps up and a mixture of horror and confusion crosses his face for a moment before returning to normal.

"That would be wonderful." My mom says with a huge smile.

Grace tugs on Danielle's pant leg as she says, "Mom we should have got chocolate chip ice cream with caramel and sprinkles for-"

"Your unicorn Rainbow?" Aaron chimes in quickly.

Danielle's face is tight with emotion.

"No silly that ice cream flavour isn't Rainbow's favourite it's-"

Before Grace finishes her sentence Aaron picks her up and spins her around.

Danielle visibly relaxes a bit.

My curiosity continues to grow.

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