Fixing a broken friendship is proven to be a lot more difficult when your friend is the one who needs fixing.

WARNING: may include swearing and mature topics.


7. Chapter Five •Aaron•

Chapter Five •Aaron•

"Aaron hon can you get my good tea cups from the top shelf please." My mom asks as she sets cookies on a tray.

"Sure thing mom." I say as I grab the delicate cups trying hard not to drop them.

"How do you feel about Audrey being back in town?" My mom asks cautiously.

I shrug not having the words to explain my emotions. I am happy but at the same time I'm worried because I don't want her to find out...she'll want to help.

"I was hoping you two can try to pick up where you left off? It will be good for you."

"I'll try, no promises though." I say as I take the cups outside, my mom trailing behind.

"Danielle I am in love with your patio." Mia says.

"Thanks, Thomas has really been keeping himself busy lately when he's not at work." My mom says.

My dad has been fixing just about everything and anything around the house. He prefers to be kept busy.

My mom sets the tray down on the table Mia, Audrey and Grace are seated at.

"Cookies!" Grace sequels as she grabs a cookie.

"Grace slow down with the sugar dear, you've had enough for one day." My mom says moving the tray out of my sisters reach.

"But Rainbow says that sugar is magical and can make you fly!" Grace says with her mouth full.

"Yes because that is makes perfect sense." I say sarcastically.

"Aaron how about you take Grace to the park? Maybe she can burn off some energy. And Audrey you can see the changes they made." My mom says with a hopeful smile.

Usually I find a way out of taking Grace to the park but thats hard to do with company over.

"Sure." I say having no other choice.


The walk over can not be any more awkward. Audrey is trying hard to keep a conversation going but I'm not much help.

"Hows high school treating you? I remember how excited you were start." She asks.

"Its okay." I respond.

"Yeah definitely nothing like the movies." She says with a laugh.

"Park! Aaron can you push me on the swing?!" Grace says as she tugs on my shorts.

"Wow they really changed this place. I love that new garden over there." Audrey says in awe.

"Yup. Grace you better hurry before someone takes that free swing."

She dashes to the swing and attempts to lift herself onto the seat but is unsuccessful.

I lift her up onto the swing and give her a few pushes.

She shrieks as she gets higher, kicking her legs with glee.

"How's Nicole?"

I freeze and turn to Audrey wondering if I heard her right. Next thing I know I'm lying on the sand in a daze.

"Oh my god! Are you okay?" Audrey says trying hard to keep her laughter in.

"Oppsie." Grace says.

It probably wasn't smart of me to look away while Grace was swinging in front if me.

"That was too funny." Audrey says as she tries to help me up.

I shake her off and quickly get up by on my own.

A flicker of hurt crosses Audrey's face for a few seconds before passing.

"What was I asking...oh yeah so how is Nicole? I'm assuming she's living in an apartment near her campus like she planned, which is why shes not around. Did she end up getting into her dream school Richmond University?"

My stomach turns. I've been dreading this topic, but I knew it was coming.

"She's not in university." I say.

"What? Nicole not in university? She's the smartest person I know! It was literally all she ever talked about."

"She never applied." I say thinking of ways I can change the subject but too desperate I settle for, "Can we not talk about her."

"Uh yeah." Audrey says confused.

I glance over at Grace who decided to play on the slide, I'm thankful that she didn't hear our conversation.

Feeling bad I decide to ask, "How was living in America?"

Even though I had gotten constant updates for the first two years she lived there, I was still curious to what her past year was like, since I stopped contacting her...

"It was different. A good different of course. I really liked it there but I missed this place and the people here." She says with a small smile.

I look away feeling a pang of guilt for cutting all communication with her. I owe her an explanation but that would mean I would have to tell her things I'm not ready to.

"Is that why you guys moved back because you missed it?"

"Partly. The main reason was because my parents needed a break. My dad's still there." She says casually.

"I'm sorry to hear that." I say then cringe at how pathetic it sounds, me of all people should know how annoying and meaningless that sentence is.

"I'm hoping its temporary, but a selfish part of me dreads having to go back if its not."

"Because your dads job is what made you guys move in the first place right?"

"Yeah so coming back would mean searching for a new job or trying to get his old one back." She says kicking at the sand. "Enough about that. Show me the rest of the park."

"Alright this way then." I say as I wonder how many times she wanted to talk to me but I wasn't there to listen.

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