Padme Amidala And The I-Saved-A-Planet

Because it was so fun making Anakin's, I decided to do this all over again. It's Padme Amidala's perspective of "The Phantom Menace." Enjoy!


4. Invasion

I have failed. The Trade Federation has invaded Naboo.

It started at dawn. We were unprepared. Of course we were. We have not had war on Naboo for many lifetimes. We had vowed that peace would never die.

The reports trickled in. Battle droids landed in huge armies and marched toward the towns. They herded up many people and forced them into camps.

I can see the invaders now from the palace window. My people are now confused, crying, shouting. A battle droid has just blasted a woman who dared to question it.

I must be strong. I have to keep a clear head. They will be here soon. After they have taken away anyone who can help us. After they have destroyed all resistance. Then they will come for me. But the Queen they find won't be the Queen they want. Even though I've fought this idea, it is time to go through with Captain Panaka's plan.

I am Amidala, Queen of Naboo. But I am also Padme, handmaiden.

I've called one of my handmaidens to my chambers. Her name is Sabe. Like me, she is 5'5 and has brown eyes.

She's the perfect decoy.

The Queen's handmaidens are an elite group. They are chosen for their courage and intelligence, and are highly trained in defense. They would give their lives for the Queen and for Naboo.

In other words, they aren't there to fetch my slippers. Not only is Sabe the smartest and bravest of all, she is also my best friend.

When I became Queen, one of our first meetings was with Captain Panaka to discuss security. He told me that the handmaidens were chosen to be near my height and weight. Should any danger arise, each of them is prepared to take my place. To be my decoy.

I argued with him. One of my duties as Queen is to accept any danger that might arise from my position.

"This is not a choice of yours!" Panaka had replied. "This is an established security procedure."

Finally, we agreed to stop the argument. After all, Naboo had been at peace for some time. What danger could possibly threaten the Queen?

Now, here it was, a larger threat than we could have imagined. And though I am prepared for it, I have to stop and ask myself what is best for Naboo. My capture could hurt my people. And if they knew I've escaped, it could bring them hope. And I could work to free them.

I called for Sabe, and she entered silently. We just looked at each other for a moment. Tears glittered in her eyes but didn't fall. On her face was written the same sorrow that was on mine. The same sick anger. Through the thickness of the palace walls, we could hear the sound of the droid army and their merciless march into our beloved city.

"It's time," I told her. "I have to ask of you something I have no right to ask. Posing as Queen will put you in grave danger."

She didn't flinch. She took one look outside the window, at the battle droids ringing the square. "I am ready for whatever happens, your Highness."

"Padme," I corrected softly. We exchanged sad smiles.

We barely had time to paint her face white and her lips crimson. I brought out an impressive cloak with black feathers. That should do.

Then I slipped off the amulet I always wear around my neck. My parents gave it to me when I left to take on the Governorship of These. It's a stone they found on our land. My mother fashioned the clasp.

The amulet means everything to me. All the love and protection my parents gave to me is concentrated into tthat smooth stone. I told Sabe to wear it.

Sabe took a step back. She already knew what the amulet meant to me.

But I insisted. "Take it. It's all I have to give."

I pray it will protect her. I'll wear it again when Naboo is free.


I have slipped into more simple dress. Battle droids are outside the hallway.

Nute Gunray is here now. He requires the Queen's presence in the throne room.

I am ready. But I don't know when I'll be able to write up again.

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