The Bloody Queen

Finding out that you've been kidnapped after 16 years and you've got royal vampire blood in you sparks a lot of emotions, and you start to crave for blood like you never have before is a bit of an adventure. "Welcome home, Princess." (I did not make the crown cover, all rights go to Victoria Aveyard.)


1. The Beginning

    "Princess Izabela Crinamorte Du Coudray, awake from your sleep!" Launcelot Raven yells at the young girl, who slowly opens her eyes on command. "How'd she wake up so easy?" Monique Lebeau whispers, watching the girl in awe. He mutters, "Compulsion. I had to use it earlier when I caught Thyme Frost trying to escape with her and I had killed her in front of the princess. What kind of devil would I be to kill someone she had loved and let her remember it?" Monique nodded her head, and watch the girl rise. "W-where am I?" Izabela gasps. She grabs her knees, backing to the corner of the couch. Monique holds her hand out towards her, "Welcome home, Princess Izabela."

    Cautiously, Izabela slowly puts her hand on top of Monique's and speaks, "Why do you keep addressing by Izabela Whatever? I'm Eloise Mayfield," She frantically looks around, "Where's my mother?" Launcelot gulps. All of a sudden, Izabela begins to laugh, glaring at him, "You killed her, I-I remember everything, the gun, the stake, everything! T-then you disposed of her with your teeth. I'm correct? There was blood everywhere, what exactly are you? Where the hell am I? W-Why do I thirst for blood?" She laughs, clutching her head. "Thyme's spell must've wore off once she got here," Monique whispers into Launcelot's ear. He shakes her head, "When I had knocked the Princess out, I noticed she was wearing a necklace that a witch usually gives to a minon usually, to keep them in order. She smelled heavily of Wolfsbane."
    "Well? Explain to your 'princess' what is happening, shall we?" Izabela speaks, motioning the two to take a seat in the chairs in front of the couch. Monique clears her throat and begins, "At the beginning of time, there was a young couple and they had no money or food. This drove them to the point where they began to eat each other. The girl had slit his arm, and began to drink his blood. She grew powerful, and continued to suck. They turned themselves into a new species, known as vampires. They had exactly six children, and each child had their own family of vampires in some sort of way or form. But, the fifth child, Agnès Du Coudray, had an affair with her father and they had one love child. This child was proclaimed to have have greater power than the Queen or King themself. But, every descendant of this child has been kidnapped, and never to be seen again by the age of three days. Today, these six families descendants have ruled the whole vampire comunity unaware that the love child of Du Coudray is alive, which is you, Izabela Crinamorte Du Coudray, not Eloise Mayfield. You were kidnapped, following your fate, but dear Launcelot had trapped your so called mother, Thyme Frost. The Duchess of Witches. She was planning to use your power to help the witches rule once again, above the humans, for they had not desired to live in peace as we have for many years. After the final year you were gone, your parents, Émilie Crinamorte and Maurice Du Coudray killed themselves because you were gone. The Du Coudray family was next in line for ruling, and now it has been passed onto you, the only living blood of the Du Courdray. Right now, our queen, Michèle Saint Clair, has anxiously been waiting your return."
    "Because we had rescuced you, everything is changed, for you hold great power in all of the elements. Many will envy you, many will want to KILL you. This is why we have assigned you the top of the class dhampir, Théodore Beau Pre," Lanucelot speaks, giving Izabela a calming smile. "What do you mean top of the class? Where am I?" Monique laughs, elbowing Launcelot, "We didn't even introduce ourselves. I'm Monique Lebeau, the head-mistress of St. Fourie Academy, School of the Vampires. Starting tommorow, you will start as a student here. And this is Lanucelot Raven, my right-hand man for all things violent. Please feel free to ask Lanucelot any questions. Hurry up now, It's late for any student to be awake."
    Izabela began to follow Lanucelot but Monique called her name. She turned around to be thrown a container, similar to a tik-tak box. "Those are blood tablets, they're not as strong as the biting process itself, but they seem to work. Take one when you feel pangs of hunger." She nodded, and continued walk with Lanucelot, "Where exactly are we going?" He grunted, "Your dorm, be careful of noise, your dhampir guard lives also in the dorm." Izabela spoke one more time, "I'm sorry, but what is a dhampir? She kept talking to me as if I knew what one was." He widened his eyes, "I should've mentioned something earlier. There are three type of vampires, and you're considered an altarian, a vampire who is full blood. With every altarian, there is a dhampir. Dhampirs are half-vampire, and they are to serve as a guardian to an altarian once they've graduated. But at the academy, they take part in the same studies, but have a special class for training, and to continue the proccess, we assign a novice dhampir to an altarian. If they've completed their training, they are to stay with the same altarian till the end of time for one of them. Vampires are immortal. Then finally, there are strigoi, the deadliest of them all. It takes two dhampir guardians to take down a strigoi's best."
    "Luckily, I've made sure you get top of the line protection with Théo, my personal favorite. If the troublemaker seems to do something wrong, please report to me. Alright?" He asks as they arrive to the dorm room, handing her a coin. Izabela nod, "Thank you." He walks down the hall, "Welcome home Princess." Izabela sighs, walking in to see another room with two bedroom doors with their own name tags. She open her door to find a huge bed, and many dressers filled with clothing and the uniform set out. She went through to the what it looked like the shared area, for there was a television with a couch and a kitchen. Izabela rushed back to my room, and fell straight onto the bed, looking at the celling, painted with gold flowers. "Welcome Home."

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