The Bloody Queen

Finding out that you've been kidnapped after 16 years and you've got royal vampire blood in you sparks a lot of emotions, and you start to crave for blood like you never have before is a bit of an adventure. "Welcome home, Princess." (I did not make the crown cover, all rights go to Victoria Aveyard.)


2. I.

    As Izabela's eyes had fluttered at the sound of the light alarm clock, she forgot who she was and it was decent. But as she got out of bed to change, her eyes had laid upon the blood tablets and the hallucination ended. She was reminded that everything had been a lie and today was her birth into a completely different world. It was the first day of her life she'd go by Izabela, not Eloise, which was going to be difficult. She wandered over to the closet where her uniform hanged and slowly began to take off the night gown the Academy had provided. In her honest opinion, she felt as if she was living in the vintage ages with the clothing. She wished she could've had a moment to pack some clothing before Thyme had rushed her out of her bedroom that morning. All the clothing her was fit to a princess, a very outdated princess that had time traveled into the 21st century.

    Humming quietly, a young man which had to be Théodore Beau Pre, barged into the room, "Holy shit! I am so sor-." Izabela yelled, "Get the hell out!" Once he had slammed the door, she exclaimed, "I imagine you know how to knock, correct?" He stammered, "S-sorry Princess Izabela, I shouldn't have barged in. It's something I used to do with another altarian I had served." Izabela opened the door, and Théo's body fell backward. She giggled as she gave him a hand up, "Are you alright?" Théo standing up must've 6'3 and next to him, Izabela looked like a dwarf. The tall giant was lean, but had muscle that was clearly visible through his uniform. Plus, to top it all off, he had dark brown hair with seas of green eyes. "You there?"
     "Y-Yeah, you must be Théodore Beau Pre?" She stumbled, and he chuckled. "In the immortal flesh, call me Théo. I find it a bit too formal, should I call you Princess Izabela?" Izabela wasn't feeling like herself, "Please call me Izabela. I don't wanted to be treated differently, for I was just introduced to the fact of everything last morning." He nodded, "I can understand. Did you take your pill of acacia for the morning." Bewildered, "I wasn't given any sort of pill of such besides these sickening blood tablets." Théo seemed surprised and pulled out his own, "They must've not put you on them. Probably since your the Du Coudray love child."
    He looked at his watch, "We should get a move on to class. Professor Papillon is a bit sharp on attendance." As she slipped on her shoes, she asked, "What exactly is taught here?" Théo opens the aged french doors to the outside school hallway, "The History of the Original Vampires, Magic of the Elements, and Religion of St. Fourie. Once those three classes are done, we get the rest of the night to ourselves. At the moment, We're going to History of the Orginals." 
    As the two walked the beautiful hallways filled with gorgeous flowers, Izabela listened to the whispers of the students, making them a passage way. Théo whispered in her ear, "Don't mind them, they're just jealous you've got me as a guardian." Izabela rolled her eyes, "How modest you are. It's embarssing actually." He chuckled, "How so?" She clicked her tongue, "You're escorting me into class, and people might get the wrong idea." He shook his head, "I'm required to escort you, all oopiste sex pairings must escort one another. Usually, it's same sex guardian pairings, but once and a while there's this." Izabela mumbled, "Whatever."
                                    "Who the hell is she and why is she with Théo?"
                            "She's gorgeous, doesn't she remind you of Émilie Crinamorte?"
    All of a sudden, wonderous music was played out of no-where. Confused, Izabela turned to Théo, "Why are they playing music?" His smile fades away, "The royal bitch is here." She tilted her head, "Who?" Théo began to guide her another way, "Queen Michèle Saint Clair has arrived."

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