A Tale of Mordor

Based on The Lord of The Rings.


2. The Battle

They left for the elves who sent out a cry for help. They were being attacked by the spider Clan Larelf. Larelf was a small Clan, powerful and young. Their intentions were clear though, evil and wrong.They were tarantulas, very large and beautiful, but their doings were terrible and always unimaginable. The attack was on the elves of the North where the land was busy with wars. The elves needed backup, as much as could be spared, so our adventurers went, together, as a pair. Three days later they found a horse, white and majestic, running across the grounds. The horse’s name was Arya The Brave. Her rider was killed and she needed help. Our heroine, Andi, took her along. Along the way, they met a lonely Hobbit, and a small group of dwarves. Then they found Luke, a dragon lover without home to call his. At first sight he fell in love with Andi, but he had to set his feelings aside at the war site. The elves were relieved to see backup and seemed to draw strength from the thought. They fought tirelessly for three days and nights against the seemingly endless wave of spiders. Finally, on the fourth day, Andi and Luke took down Seth, the Larelf Chief, with Myrat’s help ,of course.One spider yowled “The Chief! The Chief is dead! He has failed us! Retreat!” To Andi he growled, “This isn’t over. We will return, and when we do, you will die. I will make sure of it.” He backed away and led the Clan back to where they belong.

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