A Tale of Mordor

Based on The Lord of The Rings.


3. A Fine Beginning To A New Story

Once they were gone, the elves raised their voices in a song of joy. Andi, Luke and Myrat were offered a feast for their deeds, but they plainly refused. “We must return home!” They declaired. On the second day of the three day journey, Luke nevously asked for her hand in marrage. “Of course!” She replied, full of joy, and they continued on without delay. When they returned home, Andi’s mother, Elizabeth, set up a huge wedding for her. The next sunrise, Luke wa sher husband. A huge feast took place and all were invited. They ate until sunhigh, sang until sunset, and danced until dawn as they celebrated love and life in the true way of elves. For many years, the two adventurers went off adventure after adventure, until they were finally killed, fighting the evil that settled there as of late. This is the end of our heros and so, the end of the tale. I hope I’ve inspired you to do all you can. Keep on adventuring, Heroes of the Realms.

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