Time Is Running Out

The Aders were unexpected. No one knew what was happening. Scientists have been studying other life forms forever, but no one was worrying about if they would come to our planet.


1. Aders

No they are not green little,and slimy. They are here and than they are not. They can change forms into an animal or human. No one can trust anyone anymore. You will know who you can trust by love, friendship, and instinct. Some people don't have this so when the Aders come they go. Me personally have lost all loved ones and friends, but I still have my fragile puppy Luna. I'm not sure that she loves me though. "Luna come here girl" I said as her ears perked up. Luna and I were the only living things improbably miles. Just me and her. I used to have two brothers Matt and Jay also my mom Quinn. I never met my father but his name is Walker. Even though we fight a lot I never wanted them dead. The sad thing is, the last thing we did was fight. Luna was giving me puppy eyes almost as saying Lana feed me. I named her Luna because Luna means moon and I found her on the streets after the Aders stuck, and I figured it could fit.
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