Virgin [l.h.]

luke has never been orion's concern, that is, until hell freezes over.


3. two - leather

luke hemmings

orion henson is hot. okay? i'll admit that. that's what you wanted to hear, isn't it? well there you go. i can't deny the truth. damn me for being a sinner. she's beautiful. her physical features at least. i don't know her personality (yet). i will, i can promise you that. i know my way around the ladies. i know what i'm doing.

her anti-luke-looking at me kind of aggravated me last time. and i wouldn't blame her. she glances at me a couple times, but didn't really look at me. she's probably thinking, luke hemmings? why's that asshat volunteering? and i don't blame her. i'd be thinking the same thing too if i was orion. (but luckily i'm not). considering the fact that she didn't even try to flirt with me, she just screams, "i'm a virgin!" which, obviously, i have no problem with. besides, i've always wanted to screw a virgin.

while i nod and talking to my recent hookup, eva, i find myself smirking slightly as i see orion walk by. but she doesn't look calm. she looks like she's about to burst into tears. at least, that's what her eyes say. her other features are something i can't make out - but i know it's not something good.

orion walks ignorantly past eva and i. glancing over eva's shoulder subtly, i look at orion walk from the back, eyes raking her body from bottom to top. damn, she's amazing. when my eyes find her back, my eyebrows furrow. the leather jacket she always wears has the word virgin in white spray paint on the back. the hell?


orion henson

that freaking asshole. virgin. ugh. i mean, i knew those popular clique of girls are committed to getting "revenge" or whatever, but i didn't think they'd take it this far. just because i was seen alone with luke? that doesn't mean anything. nothing at all. i'd never do anything with him. especially because of this.

in the office before watching the younger kids, i see luke already there. he's on his phone, as if he had no idea what happened. goddamn liar. 

as i angrily glare at luke, he innocently raises an eyebrow at me.

"what did i do?"

i scoff, "what did i do? what did i do?" 

he shrugged, "well if you're not going to tell me, can i at least ask what happened to your jacket? i've seen mikey write 'idiot' on his flannel, but not 'virgin'. i especially wouldn't expect that from you. who did this?"

crossing my arms, i huff, "your goddamn groupies, that's who. they saw us alone in the room together yesterday and suddenly they think we have something between us. god, they know you don't do romantic shit. you just do hookups. why would they be jealous?" i groan annoyingly, "jesus christ, i can't believe they actually wrote 'virgin' on my jacket. do you know how expensive this thing was?"

"um.. no. but i'm guessing a lot?"

"it's more than a lot!" i snap at him.

stomping my way out of the room, i turn around and slam the door on him. i don't need this, not right now.

// a/n \\

'virgin' is on the first page of the popular 5sos fanfiction (: thanks!

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