Virgin [l.h.]

luke has never been orion's concern, that is, until hell freezes over.


13. twelve - frozen

luke hemmings

i missed her. i'll admit that. i missed orion. i missed her tattoos, her piercings, her hair dye. the way she traced her nirvana smiley tattoo on her wrist when she got nervous. the way she could make me laugh. i missed her touch, her warmth. the way her smile could easily bright up a whole room.

i miss orion henson.

"hey, can we talk?" i said before i could overthink what i was doing.

a reluctant, hesitant looked flashed on orion's face for a moment, but was then replaced by anxiousness. before replying, she nodded her head. "okay."

just the reply "okay" hurt my heart. she used to give me long answers, detailed ones, not these short, choppy replies. although she was right in front of me, it felt like she was a thousand miles away.

"i... i'm sorry."

"what?" she whispered.

"i'm sorry. i'm sorry that, in any way, i hurt you. because i didn't mean to. you mean a lot to me. you do. and i wish you could see just how much you mean to me. and i.." biting my tongue, i resisted to say the "l" word. "i really really like you. i didn't mean to hurt you. i think about you, all the time. all i want is for you to be happy, orion, i swear, i didn't mean to hurt you-"

my constant, nervous rambling was cut off by orion's lips on mine. her warm, soft touched calmed me. my shoulders let down, relaxed. hell froze completely. i didn't know it was possible to like someone this much.

or, more like, love.

// a/n \\

this is so cute i'm crafting bye

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