Virgin [l.h.]

luke has never been orion's concern, that is, until hell freezes over.


4. three - demon

orion henson

"annoyed" doesn't even describe my emotions right now, that asshole. i can't believe he'd let them write the word 'virgin' on my leather jacket. do you know how much this thing cost? my grandmother gave it to me. it cost $250. i can't just pay for another. it was given to me last month, finally delivered from spain. i can't just say, "oh well, that one is ruined, time to wait another 6 months for a new jacket".

please, like i'd torture myself that way again.

my feet wander around, and i find myself in the gym. the little kids, i think they're in first grade, run around everywhere. i sit on the bleachers, sighing and letting myself get lost in the noise of screaming children.

suddenly the black-haired, wide-eyed boy who sat on luke's lap earlier comes running up to me. he jumps on my lap, just like he did with luke.

he giggles, "are you luke's girlfriend?"

i feel my cheeks go warm, and i shake my head rapidly. "no, sweetie, luke and i are just.. we just work with each other."

"yeah, we just work together," i hear a deep voice say behind me.

turning around, i see luke sitting down behind me on the upper bench. of course. right in front of the kid? what does he want now?

the black-haired boy sprints away, smirking at us once before leaving.

no, please child, save me from this demon.

luke steps down on the bench sitting next to me. i avoid eye contact with him and instead watch the kids by the walls across the room.

"i'm sorry they did that to you."

i shake my head, "whatever."

he sighs, "i'll talk to them if you want."

now, that's the last thing i want. "don't. you'll just add fuel to the fire."

i feel his arm rest on my shoulder, and his hand on my thigh. what is this guy doing? who does he think i am? i shift my leg away, but his arm remains around me.

"so like, i have a question," he says.

i glance sideways at him, curious. "shoot."

at first i think he's going to say something like, "oh can i pay for a new one?" or "do you want me to buy you lunch tomorrow?" i think he's going to say something totally innocent.

until, you know, he doesn't.

"are you a virgin?"

as soon as he asks, i sit there with my mouth open, gaping. did he just ask me if i'm a virgin? is this guy for real?

of course, orion, he's luke hemmings.

"so, like.." he says, again with the stupid 'so like' again. "can we fuck?"

i give him a dirty look, "when hell freezes over."

// a/n \\

this book has gotten so much attention these past few days! thank you all so much x

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