Virgin [l.h.]

luke has never been orion's concern, that is, until hell freezes over.


14. thirteen - quiet

orion henson

2 weeks later...


"we have to face them sooner or later, orion," luke's voice reminds me.

luke and i have been dating for about 2 weeks now, since the kiss. i remember, after he kissed me (well, technically, i kissed him, but whatever), i tried to deny it for a minute or so. i told myself, "he doesn't like you! get your goddamn brain outta wonderland!" but then, i just let his lips mold against mine.

i finally stopped thinking and simply lived.

luke laid next to me on my bed (we didn't have sex, by the way) and turned on his side to face me. gently, he wrapped his arms around my body and pulled me closer, laying a soft kiss on my lips.

"do we have to?" i ask.

"i think we need to."

"i just wanna stay here with you."

"i want that too, sweetness."

"then let's stay here for a while."

we laid in bed, in the most innocent way. not kissing, nothing intimate. we savoured the moments we had in the quiet with each other.


.  .  .


we planned on telling them today. no one knew about our relationship, except for us. i guess that would change. we started with my friends first. my friends have never been the biggest fans of luke, and neither have i in the past, but i'm sure they'd accept us.

to be honest here, i'm more nervous about luke's friends than mine.

it was at a party. my group of friends, including ethan, ryan, pheobe, and jay, all sat on chairs at the table in the kitchen. they took the table for themselves, so they could all be together in one spot and no one else had to be there. but, of course, they left and empty seat for me.

reluctantly, i sat down onto the seat next to jay. jay has always had kind of a thing for me, and we dated for a while in sophomore year, but he developed a crush on pheobe, which i completely supported him on. they aren't dating, but i have high hopes for them to be.

"drinking already, ethan?" i chuckle and nod my head once at the beer clutched in ethan's hand.

"figuring that out already, orion?" he sarcastically remarked, snorting snarkily. he shrugged his free arm around ryan's shoulder, pulling him close beside him. "ryan doesn't mind, does he?"

ryan, being his adorable, bashful self, got all blushy and looked down, "not at all."

are luke and i really the only ones hiding a relationship here?

i start off with the cliche, "so i'm seeing this guy..."

"who?!" pheobe asked excitedly. "is it that michael guy from class? the one you did a project with? he's a hella looker, you two would be perfect together."

luke, who was right behind ryan listening to the whole conversation ahead of me, clamped his fists and clenched his jaw when pheobe mentioned michael.

"uhm," i stuttered nervously. "not exactly."

"he isn't that good looking," i heard jay mutter irritatingly.

"it's actually this other guy," i say, my smile widening just at the thought of luke.

just then, luke walks away from behind ryan and comes up behind me, pecking my cheek. he anxiously takes his hand in mine, mumbling a quiet, "hey."

"holy damn," i surprisingly hear ryan blurt out, not being his usually quiet self.

my head leans to the side on luke's arm, clearing my voice of the awkward tension, "yeah. so. we're dating. surprisingly. i know."

after a few for silent minutes of jay and pheobe whispering to each other, luke turns to me and says, "let's go. you wait in the car. i'll grab a drink before we go."

i nod and make my way to the car, but not before i hear ryan say these words to luke:



"don't hurt her."

// a/n \\

protective friends are my favorite thing.

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