Virgin [l.h.]

luke has never been orion's concern, that is, until hell freezes over.


8. seven - voice crack

orion henson

michael and i eventually finished our project. we forced michael, calum, and ashton to go downstairs so we could work in peace. we kept telling them it wasn't like that. although, michael didn't make much of an effort of telling them we were just working.

"guys!" luke groaned loudly from downstairs. "are you done fucking yet?!"

i feel my cheeks go red and i cover my face in embarrassment.

"yeah, we're done!" michael screams back.

the sound of rushing, running feet comes up the stairs and luke bursts into the room. he takes my hand in his, lacing our fingers together and placing a quick peck on my lips. did that really just happen? the kiss was so fast that i didn't even get the change to kiss back.

ahem. not that i would.

luke drags me downstairs, our hands still in each other's grasp. he doesn't make eye contact with me and pulls me into the bathroom with him.

"luke, l-let go of me."

he bites his lower lip and releases my hand.

"just tell me something.." he says. "were you and michael actually just working?"

i cross my arms and huff like a little five year old. "yes, you idiot. he and i just met. i wouldn't kiss someone i barely know."

he nods and squeezes my hand, starting to trace the lines on my palm. "right, i'm.. i-i'm sorry." he clears his voice and grabs something out of his back pocket. it's a small rose. a white rose, but i could see tiny flecks of red on the petals. "um. happy valentines day. i got you a rose.."

i take the rose hesitantly in my hands, careful not to cut myself with the thorns that surround the stem.

glancing up at luke, i see he's blushing. "are.. are you blushing?" i ask. "why are you acting so nervous?"

"i'm.." he clears his voice. "i'm not," he said, his voice cracking when he said 'not'. "sorry, jesus christ, i'm not usually like this."

I can feel myself smiling. i cross my arms and walk out of the bathroom, chuckling.

// a/n \\

*imagines luke with a voice crack*  

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