Virgin [l.h.]

luke has never been orion's concern, that is, until hell freezes over.


5. four - below freezing

orion henson

i sigh at luke, standing up. i've really had enough of his shit for today. "luke you can't.. you can't just ask someone if they're a virgin."

oh my god. i sound like gretchen from mean girls.

he raises an eyebrow, as if i speak a language from another planet. he's clearly confused. what does this boy not get?

"wait, do you.." oh my gosh. i sigh again, "do you actually just ask girls if they wanna fuck?"

he looks confused, and shrugs. "i dunno.. yeah?"

*mentally slaps forehead*

i sigh, shaking my head and rolling my eyes.

"when was the last time you had a girlfriend?" i ask, adding in, "and i don't mean a hookup or a friend with benefits. like, an actual girlfriend."

"uhm..." he actually has to think about this? "like, in sophomore year or freshman year i think?"

and this is when i walk away.


luke hemmings

okay what, did i say something wrong? orion literally just walked away, as if i was an idiot. which, i probably am, but still.

"what's up with you today, hemmings?" calum, one of my friends, asked while at our usual table at lunch.

"nothing, shut up hood."

"someone's on their period today- ow!" his head turned around to face ashton, who lightly kicked his bicep. "what was that for, you dick?"

"do you know how incredibly rude that is?" ashton said to calum defensively. "periods aren't even that funny."

calum rolls his eyes, "well you're the only one with a girlfriend here, of course you'd say that."

"ugh, shut up, both of you," michael groaned as he wolfed down his food. "i wanna hear what's wrong with luke."

i scoff, "you don't need to know. it's not like i stick my nose in any of your guys' dumbass business."

calum sighs, and for 5 seconds, our table is silent. the silence, sadly, did not last.

"oh my god. you're staring at her," michael says, smiling like an idiot.

i can feel myself blushing. goddamn, blushing? why am i blushing?

"n-no i'm not, i'm not staring at anyone."

now stuttering? what's wrong with me?

i shake my head, taking out my phone and texting orion under the table.

luke : what's the temperature in hell right now?

a second later, orion checks her phone and turns her head at me. i wink at her, hoping to be flirtatious, but instead she rolls her eyes and looks away. c'mon, baby, look at me.

orion : burning, in flames

luke : i think it's below freezing ??

orion : u got the wrong temp then

jesus christ, this girl has got me hooked.

// a/n \\

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