Virgin [l.h.]

luke has never been orion's concern, that is, until hell freezes over.


6. five - cold blooded

orion henson

fall is a good season is a good season to go jogging. well, that's just from personal experience. isn't it a bit chilly during the fall? i don't really care about that. besides, i'm great with the cold. my step-brother, jack barakat, calls me cold-blooded. which i don't really care about, but apparently, his friend, alex, thinks it's rude. alex has always been sweet to me.

"she's more of a polar bear than a cold-blooded reptile," alex smiled warmly.

jack continues to call me cold-blooded. but alex, on the other hand, has always called me a polar bear. which is actually kind of cute.

today, i didn't feel like jogging. i got out my skateboard from the garage, which i haven't rode in the longest time, and wheeled on the sidewalk throughout the neighbourhood. i was having a pretty smooth ride, until.. i fell.

i sit on the sidewalk, examining the scratch on my ankle. it doesn't look that bad, despite the fact that there's a line of blood running down. i'll be fine.

suddenly, i see the one and only luke hemmings. he's running down his porch steps from the house in front of me. he kneels down beside me.

"oh my god, orion, are you okay?"

i sniffle, and i feel my eyes starting to water. you are not going to cry in front of this boy, orion. not today. "i-i'm fine."

luke looks into my eyes, and i force myself to look down. i then feel two strong arms around my waist. luke starts to carry me up, bridal style and lifting my thighs up for support. at first, i think about protesting and yelling at luke to let me down. and i don't know what's gotten into me, because i don't yell.

when we get to the front door, he opens it wide and lets me down safely on my feet. he takes his hand in mine as we pass calum, ashton, and michael. right there on the couch. of course they would be here. lucky me.

luke leads me into the bathroom and sits me down on the toilet. he fiddles with the shelves and pulls out a first aid kit. taking out alcohol, gauze, and an elastic bandage wrap. he dips the gauze in alcohol and wipes it on my knee. it stings, but i don't complain. he wraps the bandage around my ankle securely and puts the kit away.

"luke, i'm.."

he looks at me, waiting for a response.

"i'm fine. i could've just ridden back home."

he scoffs, "on that deathboard? you're crazy. just stay here for a while."

he sighs, "i wanted to help you, orion. you were hurt."

i look back at luke, relaxing my shoulders. his eyes are a soft blue, and he looks genuine.

"thank you."

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this is so cute i

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