Virgin [l.h.]

luke has never been orion's concern, that is, until hell freezes over.


12. eleven - nirvana

orion henson

at the first sight of luke hemmings in grade school, even though i was just 10-12 years old, the first thing i told myself was "don't get involved." and i meant it. everyone in school knew not to get involved with luke hemmings; he was intimidating, rude, and selfish. or at least that's what they all said.

my mind keeps forcing my memory to remember back in middle school, eighth grade. i tried to stop it and just not focus on the time, but my mind overruled.

santa monica high school


i remember it clearly. it was the last day of eighth grade, the day before summer officially started. all of the students were rushing out of the school. including me. 2009 was the year i started dying my hair. the first color i dyed it was supposed to be blue, but turned out green instead.

i'd never really fit in with everyone else - actually, that's an understatement. which i didn't mind at all, really. i liked being my own person. my mom as, and still is, a tattoo artist. i had thought about getting tattoos when i was older, maybe a couple, but wanted to see what it felt like first. it hurt - a lot - but not too bad. i had a high pain tolerance. of course it hurt the most, considering i chose a tattoo on my wrist, which is the damn boniest part in my whole body. it was also on the bone on the far left of my wrist. small, but painful.

the tattoo was two x's. they resembled the eyes from the nirvana smiley symbol. i chose it because nirvana has always been my inspiration.

and i thought that, if kurt cobain was still alive, he'd get me.

we had no need to bring our school backpacks that day, so i walked down the grassy green hill with my hand at my sides, with my right hand, the one without a tattoo, in the pocket of my black jeans.

one of the girls, mara, who was also eva's friend, took a look at my tattoo.

"are you even old enough for tattoos?" she so ignorantly asked.

shrugging, i replied with, "i think so. my mom is a tattoo artist."

mara furrowed her eyebrows and asked, "what do those two x's mean?"

hesitating at first, i said, "it's the two eyes from the nirvana symbol. you know, kurt cobain? he wrote 'smells like teen spirit.'"

she snickered, "isn't kurt cobain dead?"

that's when eva added in, "you got a tattoo for a dead person?"

"from," i corrected. "from a dead person..."

"i'd prefer it if you were the dead one instead," eva said, and she and mara walked away, with their pretty little selves laughing.

i don't really remember what happened after that. i think i had a panic attack. because suddenly, i had trouble breathing and i couldn't focus. it felt like the room was spinning and i was going to be sick. recently, i made the decision to stay off my meds for a bit, thinking that i'd have no problem. wrong, wrong, wrong.

the next place i found myself was in the gym, hiding under the bleachers like a turtle. it was dark, but i didn't care. i needed time to recollect myself. breathe in, breathe out. isn't that my doctor always told me? it took me at least five minutes of deep breathing to prevent from the never-ending tears rolling down my cheeks.

and then suddenly, i felt a light shine on my face, or more like, my body. it was a yellow lamp and its hectic glow caused me to squint my eyes until i got used to the blinding light.

pulling my knees up to my chest, the sound of footsteps came in my ear. it was a boy's footsteps, i could tell. not light and sweet like a girl's. it was rough.

in the light, a mess of blond hair appeared. i immediately knew it was luke hemmings.

"are you okay?" he asked. "i heard crying."

sniffling, i nodded several times. "yeah, i'm okay. don't worry about me. sorry to trouble you. you can go."

'please go!' my thoughts yelled at me, but not out loud.

a crumbling noise staticked as luke reached into his front right pocket, pulling out a piece of pink saltwater taffy candy.

"this is for you," he smiled genuinely, like he actually really cared. luke took my left wrist, glancing at the nirvana tattoo and smiling before he placed the piece of soft candy into the soft palm of my hand.

"smile, okay?"

and he walked off.

reality snaps back into my head as i realize i'm in class right now, algebra, and not paying attention one bit. (not that i paid any attention in mrs. hemmings' class anyway).

when the bell rung, luke was the last to arrive and the first to leave. his own mother's class, for godsakes. as i walked out of the room finally, i saw a guilty, pitiful look on luke's face, which is the exact opposite of what i wanted.

he's waiting for me.

luke hemmings is waiting for me.

"hey, can we talk?"

// a/n \\

wowow this is rlly cute & pls enjoy !!

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