Virgin [l.h.]

luke has never been orion's concern, that is, until hell freezes over.


9. eight - ripped

orion henson

today is going to be a good day. i'm going to go to school, talk with friends, do homework, go home, and watch a few episodes of free! yep, today is going to be good. makoto tachibana here i come!

i let out an excited squeal and walk into my class. luke is sitting in the back. all of the seats are already taken. so i have no choice but to sit by him. dammit, i won't be able to concentrate. still. today will be a good day?

my hands reach for my books, but i find my book isn't there. i forgot it. damn. today will.. it'll be a good day.

i raise my hand and the teacher nods at me. "i forgot my book, do you think i could go back to my locker to get it?"

she sighs, "ms. henson, that isn't necessary. i'm sure mr. hemmings would be happy to share his book with you."

luke adds in, "i'd be happy to. just scootch your chair over here, orion."

so i do.

as michael reads a chapter from the book, i notice luke's hand resting on my thigh. it's just sitting there. he doesn't make any moves. doesn't attempt to touch me anywhere else. it's the most innocent thing, coming from him.

gym class is the class i dread most. my last class with luke was awkward enough. sweet, but awkward. how can awkward be so sexy?

we ran a few laps outside. i made sure to stay away from the popular cliques. they weren't even running; just walking.

that's when i fell.

i literally tripped over my own feet. right in front of the populars. how embarrassing is that? i then notice that the knee on my jeans is ripped open. god, this is my favorite pair too. my feet stop and i wince as i sit down, examining my wound. the blood trails down my skin. i try to ignore the stain of faint blood on my ankle.

one of the nice populars, jace, tilts his head and looks at me.

"you alright?"

oh, i'm alright, jace. just bleeding to death on the sidewalk. no big deal.

"yeah, i'm fine," i reply.

jace has always had a thing for me. always friendly. he's always stuck up for me when his friends made fun of me. i always asked myself why he cares. because really, it's silly. his bitchy girlfriend, eva, only ever stopped when he was around. jace and eva have been together for a while. and i know luke has hooked up with her a few times. but that's none of my business, so. who am i to say something to jace?

he jogs up to me, taking my arm. "here, i'll take you to the nurse."

"jace, i'm.." i whisper, "i'm fine. i told you i'm okay."

"i'll take her," a deep voice says. i can already tell it's luke.

before i can respond, luke's hand is in mine and we're walking inside. i limp all the way there, but luke is gentle with me. patient.

luke notices my limping and before i can take another step, he grabs me, carrying me in his arms bridal style.

"luke, i'm fine. put me down."

but he doesn't respond. he finally puts me down when we reach the nurse's office. we enter the bathroom and he sits me down on the toilet, grabbing bandages and alcohol to clean my cut.

"you keep hurting yourself," i hear him mutter.

i wince as the alcohol touches my skin. "that hurts."

finally, he wraps a bandage around my knee and helps me stand up.

and then he pecks my lips. jesus christ.

luke gives me his flannel and i slide my arms through the sleeves, button it halfway. he watches me and bites his lower lip. "can i.. can i come over to your house after school?"

i say yes.

this time, i know why i agreed.

// a/n \\

based on true events (my knee hurts af)

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