Blood Thirsty

The Craskes and The Cullens are family rivals... What happens when Edward and Skylynn start falling for each other. Would their families intervene or would they allow it?


9. Chapter 9

* later*

Skylynn pov: i decided to go out on a walk with Edward in the woods. We ended sitting in a big open field.

Edward: *puts his forehead on Skylynn's* you're so beautiful 

Skylynn: *smiles* 

Edward: marry me 

Skylynn: *chuckes* no 

Edward: *smirks and kisses Skylynn* marry me 

Skylynn: change me 

Edward: ok i will if you marry me...its called a compromise 

I've been asking Edward to change me into his type of vampire. Why? because, i am the type they call a new blood. The reason i want Edward to change is so i can be with him forever, New bloods don't really get the chance to live that long.

Skylynn: It's not fair. Marriage is just a piece of paper 

Edward: where i come from its how one says i love you *looks at Skylynn* 

Skylynn: where i come from its how one says i just got knocked up 

Edward: *chuckles* 

Skylynn: you know two out of three marriages end in divorce 

Edward: well i think the vampire to vampire, immortal divorce rate is a little lower *smirks* 

I was going to say something when i caught a familiar smell

Edward: whats wrong *worried* 

Skylynn: Sam ...he's close 

Edward and i stand up and face the woods, i send a message to the Cullen family and within secs they were standing with us. 

Carlisle: how close 

Skylynn: he's coming out the brush in 5...4....3...2

Sam: *appears* 

Skylynn: 1

Sam: ahh if it isn't Skylynn 

Skylynn: leave me alone Sam 

Sam: i have a job to do, i'm not gonna stop until its completed 

Skylynn: you want to kill me because i'm with Edward, you hate his family because mum and dad hate them, well guess what mum and dad doesn't hate them anymore, they respect them. You were raised by that hate, because mum and dad were, you followed everything they do. 

Sam: its a disgrace, we raised you, we brought you into our family and in return you are gonna be with the one family we don't get along with 

Skylynn: he's my soul mate what do you want me to do, i wanna be with him why can't you get that through your head 

Sam: i will never be ok with this. I am following the Craske cycle, you are a Craske and you will follow the family cycle. Now i am giving you an opition, come with me back to OUR family and follow our rules, or stay with them 

Skylynn: i'm staying with them *folds her arms* 

Sam: *sighs* not that answer i wanted, i love you Skylynn, thats why i'm doing something i don't wanna do but i have too 

Skylynn: * changes her eye color from golden brown to red in anger* leave now

Sam: not after i've done what i came to do *vampires speed to Skylynn* 

Before i can run at Sam, Edward pushed me back into his family and ran after Sam

Skylynn: Edward stop 

Emmett and Jasper held me from going into that fight. Within a couple secs i saw my brother killed. 

Skylynn: oh my gosh 

Edward: * vampire speeds to Skylynn* i had to he wasn't safe 

Skylynn: i know, its just he was my big brother 

Edward: i'm sorry * hold Skylynn* 

Skylynn: its ok really, it was bound to happen sometime 

Edward: *sighs* lets go

We all went back to the house, the whole night i tried to get the scene that played out today out  my head but couldn't. I couldn't believe that my big brother that one that i spent 34 years with was killed. 


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