Blood Thirsty

The Craskes and The Cullens are family rivals... What happens when Edward and Skylynn start falling for each other. Would their families intervene or would they allow it?


8. Chapter 8

* next morning* 

Skylynn pov:  next morning i felt a powerful strength in me. I was in Edward's room looking out the window when Edward walked in and stood in front of me. I smiled at him and forcefully pulled him into a hug

Edward: *groans* Sky you're a lot stronger than i am right now

Skylynn: *smirks and lets Edward go* 

Edward: looks like your new power came in, its your turn not to break me *smiles* 

Skylynn: *chuckles* i love you 

Edward: i love you *kisses Skylynn* 

Skylynn: lets go downstairs 

Edward: wait now that your new power came in, you need to get your thirst under control. 

When he said that i felt a dry burning feeling in my throat.

Edward: yea you need to hunt...come on 

We jumped out the window and went hunting, when we came back and saw all the Cullens in the living room 

Esme: welcome to the family *smiles* 

Skylynn: thanks *smiles* i'm just worried about Sam, he might come after me 

Edward: he won't i'll make sure he won't come anywhere near you 

Skylynn: i hope not 

We all sat around talking 

Carlisle: i still can't believe your father actually let you be with Edward i thought he wasn't 

Skylynn: *laughs* me either 

Carlisle: i'm just worried about the fight tomorrow , we're gonna have to hide Skylynn somewhere where she'll be safe.

Edward: she'll be with me 

Esme: we know Edward we just want extra protection for her 

Edward: *sighs* 

Skylynn: *grabs Edwards arm* i'll be fine 

Edward: *looks at Skylynn and kisses her forehead* 

Emmett: i think Skylynn can handle it she has more than one power, and she is so tamed 

Edward: don't antagonize her, she's the strongest one in the house 

Emmett: *smirks* yea right 

To prove i was the strongest one, we all went out into the woods, Emmett picked up a big rock and placed it between us 

Edward: don't hurt yourself Emmett

Emmett and i got into a arm wrestle stance and started arm wrestling, i won and it only took me 2.5 secs

Skylynn: haha thank you *laughs* 

Emmett: still doesn't mean your stronger 

Skylynn: what does it mean then

Emmett: something but i don't.. know ... what exactly 

Edward: *laughs and pulls Skylynn towards him* 

Skylynn: i still beat you, Skylynn Craske beat Emmett Cullen in arm wrestle, that should be like some warning on the news 

we all laughed and walked back in side. To rest tomorrow would be a very interesting day. 


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