Blood Thirsty

The Craskes and The Cullens are family rivals... What happens when Edward and Skylynn start falling for each other. Would their families intervene or would they allow it?


7. Chapter 7

*Later that night* 

Skylynn pov: We invited the Cullens back to our place to talk about this soulmate thing between Edward and I 

Carlisle: listen Paul the more we try to keep them apart the more they're going to want each other...just look at them 

Edward and I were in the kitchen talking and we just couldn't stop smiling at each other 

Paul: *sighs* 

Carlisle: we will take very good care of her 

Paul: no she is not going with you 

Jenny: Paul i think its time to end this feud 

Paul: no no 

Carlisle: look we're putting our problems aside to help you with your kid, the least you can do in return is help us with ours

Paul: you know what you're right, i'm sorry 

Edward and I were talking when Carlisle called us in 

Paul: Skylynn honey, your mother and i made the decision to let you be with Edward

Skylynn: really 

Paul: yes he is your soulmate after all 

Edward: *smiles* thank you Paul and Jenny i'll take good care of her.

Carlisle: *smiles* 

We were all talking about the fight when Sam and Mitchell came down 

Skylynn: oh no 

Edward: whats wrong

Skylynn: Sam, he said if ever found out about us he would kill me because of the cycle in my family 

Sam: whats going on

Jenny; we just gave Skylynn permission to be with Edward 

Sam: What!!!*looks at Skylynn*

Skylynn: *stands up*

Edward: *stands up with her* 

Sam: what did i tell you about that *begins to walk towards Skylynn* 

Jenny: Sam 

Sam: i thought i told you about being with one of them. You didn't listen. Now i'm done *vampire speeds to Skylynn*

Edward: *pushes Skylynn and throws Sam across the room* you will not touch her 

Sam: *stands up* wanna bet 

Paul: Sam *grabs Sam* enough 

Carlisle: ok i think we should leave 

Jenny: Skylynn go ahead 

I left with the Cullens back to their house, I knew i wouldn't be safe here but for now i had to stay here.



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