Blood Thirsty

The Craskes and The Cullens are family rivals... What happens when Edward and Skylynn start falling for each other. Would their families intervene or would they allow it?


5. Chapter 5

* later that night*

Skylynn pov: We were all in the kitchen when we heard something outside, we got up and went out side and found a letter.

Paul: oh no 

Jenny: whats wrong honey 

Paul: its the recruiters, they're coming after Skylynn 

Skylynn: what why me 

Paul: its your powers, they think you have to much control and if you gain any more powers you will be able to take them out.

Sam: what do we do 

Jenny: *looks at Paul* i think you know what do to do 

Paul: what no no way, Jenny i can't believe you would bring that up 

Mitch: whats going on 

Jenny: kids come inside 

We all went inside and sat down

Jenny: ok well um about 85 years ago in 1930, when me and your father were together we had a friendly alliance with the Cullens 

Mitch, Sam, and Ellie: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

Sam: wait i joined the family in 1930 

Jenny: we were protecting you Sam, we were fighting for you

Paul: they thought you were to strong to be with us 

Jenny: anyways, we teamed up with The Cullens, they helped us, we need their help again, i know this is going to lead to a fight with an army. 

Paul: *sighs and looks at Skylynn* i gotta protect my daughter 

Skylynn: *smiles*

After talking my dad, mum and me all went out into the woods to The Cullen house. When we arrived we knocked on the door and Esme opened. 

Esme: oh hello 

Paul: hello Esme, uhm is your husband home 

Esme: yes we're all here why

Paul: we have a problem 

Esme: come in 

We walked in and followed Esme to the living room where we sat Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, and Carlisle, but no Emmett or Edward, i was really hoping he be here 

Esme: Carlisle 

Carlisle: *looks up and sees us* well Craskes what can we do for you 

Paul: we got a problem 

Carlisle: *sighs* whats going on 

Jenny: its the recruiters 

Carlisle: what about them 

Paul: they're coming for Skylynn 

Carlisle: *looks at Skylynn* why 

Paul: her powers she has more than one, and there's a chance she might be getting more

While we were talking i heard laughing i looked up and saw Emmett and Edward walking through the window laughing. They stopped when they saw me 

Edward: *smiles at Skylynn* 

Emmett: what are they doing here 

Carlisle: Emmett relax, they're in trouble and we might be to 

Edward: whats going on

Carlisle: the recruiters they're back and they're coming for Skylynn 

Edward: *tenses up* why 

Carlisle: her powers 

Emmett: how does it involve us

Carlisle: since Skylynn and Edward are soul mates, they know he might be coming to protect her and we might get involved

Paul: listen lets use the word soul mates lightly, we don't know for sure 

Carlisle: ok well lets us four talk about this privately, Edward why don't you take Skylynn on a walk 

After the whole thing Edward took me outside and we walked along until we came up on a tree, we both climbed a tree and sat on a branch 

Edward: *sighs* i'm gonna protect you *looks at Skylynn* 

Skylynn: you can't protect me from everything 

Edward: i've did before and i'll do it again 

Skylynn: you did before but then during 3 years i had to protect myself

Edward: *sighs* i'm sorry for leaving you 

Skylynn: why did you leave

Edward: i felt if i left i would be able to protect you, your brothers would kill me if they knew i wanted you or if i had a crush on you 

Skylynn: so you lied to protect me 

Edward: its not like that, listen *puts his forehead on hers* i want you to forgive me please

Skylynn: i forgive you if you promise not to leave anymore

Edward: *kisses Skylynn and pulls away* i promise 



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