Blood Thirsty

The Craskes and The Cullens are family rivals... What happens when Edward and Skylynn start falling for each other. Would their families intervene or would they allow it?


4. Chapter 4

* Next day at baseball game*

Skylynn pov: so here we are on an empty field wearing our baseball outfits,we had Mitchell's girlfriend Kim but we call her Blue, she would be playing with us, she was a vampire and she's been with us for a year now. First up to bat was Blue.Our pitcher would be Mitchell while Paul and Sam were in the outfields. Jenny was our catcher and i was our umpire. When Mitch pitched Blue hit a home run. 

Mitch: that's my girl *smiles* 

Blue: *blows a kiss to Mitch while Vampire speeds to the bases*

We continued to play when i had a vision, i saw the entire Cullen Pack walking towards us. I got a message from Edward the same time saying Prepare yourself. 

Skylynn: stop, stop

Jenny: whats wrong

Skylynn: they're coming 

We all came close together when we saw the Cullen Pack walk towards us until they were standing right in front of us. 

Carlisle: i uh believe this is yours *holds up a baseball* 

Paul: *angrily* yea it is 

Carlisle: *throws the ball to Paul* nice to see your kids all grown up *smiles* 

Paul: get away Carlisle 

Carlisle: hey we want no trouble

I happened to look at Edward and seen him smirking at me and he sent me a message say "Cute Outfit"

Sam: hey Cullen why you keep looking at my sister for *looks at Edward* 

Edward: i can't help it she's beautiful

Sam: looks like Mitch and i didn't scare you enough huh *gets close to Edward* 

Edward: i was never scared by why don't you try again lets see who gets scared *smirks* 

Paul: Sam back off 

Sam: *backs off* 

Paul: Carlisle why don't you take your family away from mine ok thats how we'll all be fine 

Carlisle: now there's a problem with that Paul, you see Edward has found his soul mate, the one girl that he will be with forever, and that girl happens to be your daughter 

Paul: no way in hell *angrily*

Carlisle: oh but its true

Paul: it can't be 

Carlisle: but it is, i came here to find out for sure

Jenny: how 

Carlisle: Edward and Skylynn come here please 

Edward: *walks and stands in front of Carlisle* 

Carlisle: Skylynn

Skylynn: *stands in front of Carlisle* 

Paul: touch her and i'll kill every single one of you 

Carlisle: wouldn't dream of it..ok now Edward and Skylynn look at eachother 

We both looked at each other and our eyes started to change into a pink color 

Carlisle: i knew it 

Paul: *grabs Skylynn* there's no way in hell i'm gonna let my daughter be with your son 

Carlisle: sorry you feel that way Paul 

Paul: take your family and get the hell out of here Carlisle 

Edward: Paul i am in love with your daughter, I would do anything to be with her, there isn't anything i wouldn't do for her, you can't stop us from seeing each other 

Paul: wanna bet 

Carlisle: *chuckles* empty threats towards my son...bad move *shows fangs* 

Everyone got down and showed their fangs trying to intimidate one another

Jenny: hey no we are not doing this again * stands in front of Paul* 

Carlisle: *chuckles* 

Paul: keep your son away from my daughter or else 

After that whole confrontation my dad took us all home.

*Craske house* 

Sam: can you believe those Cullens 

Mitch: i know like anyone wants Skylynn to be their soulmate *jokingly* 

Skylynn: *hits Mitch in the back of the head* shut up 

Sam: dad what are we gonna do 

Paul: we gotta keep away from them, there is no way i'm gonna allow my daughter or any of my children to associate with a Cullen. 

Skylynn: dad he's my soul mate, you saw it yourself 

Paul: i don't care Skylynn, you are not allowed to be around any of them, they will try and get her to be with Edward

Skylynn: but what if i wanna be with Edward 

Paul: Skylynn Craske i know you are not being disloyal to our family cycle of hating the Cullens 

Skylynn: dad, i'm not being disloyal i'm just saying what if i wanna be with Edward 

Sam: i'll kill you myself *angrily* 

In our family cycle for many centuries, anyone of a Craske associated or ever fell in love with a Cullen were to be killed by their family. In our family that would be disloyal to be with a Cullen.

Skylynn: Sam shut up, i'm the strongest one in this family 

Sam: i don't care, let me catch you with one of them i'll kill you myself *walks away* 

Skylynn: *sighs* 

Paul: you not allowed to be with Edward, over my dead body will i let you be with him, understand 

Skylynn: yes 



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