Blood Thirsty

The Craskes and The Cullens are family rivals... What happens when Edward and Skylynn start falling for each other. Would their families intervene or would they allow it?


3. Chapter 3

* Next morning* 

Skylynn pov: i went downstairs and saw everyone in the kitchen 

Skylynn: morning *sits down*

Sam: hey Sky 

Paul: ok guys we got some news 

Jenny: we just found out that one of the Cullen children has returned 

Mitchell: *angrily* i thought we chased that prick out of town

Skylynn: wait you guys chased Edward out of town

Sam: yea we did, and how did you know it was him 

Skylynn: uhm Vision 

Sam: oh but looks like we're gonna have to teach him a lesson *stands up* 

Jenny: Sam no, he came back without a threat, we don't know exactly what he is doing back but we just gotta keep a close eye on the Cullens, without stepping into their territory. 

After the whole convo, i decided to head into the woods to try and talk to Edward, i sent  him a mind message and no later than 2 mins he was in front of me

Edward: got your message whats up *looks at Skylynn*

Skylynn: why didn't you tell me my brothers chased you out of town

Edwards: *sighs* i didn't want to get you mad 

Skylynn: so you lied 

Edward: it wasn't like that, but what does it matter 

Skylynn: well my family just found out you're back and if they catch you my brothers are ready to chase you out again or even worse

Edward: i'm not going down with out a fight

Skylynn: Edward

Edward: there's seven in the Cullens and six in the Craske i can take down your family in seconds 

Skylynn: what about me 

Edward: you know i wouldn't hurt you. i'm crazy about you. You are something else. I need you to stay alive to keep me breathing *gets close to Skylynn's face* 

Skylynn: you're a clown *kisses Edward* 

Edward: *jumps back* i can't 

Skylynn: what do you mean

Edward: if our families catch us we're dead 

Skylynn: we won't have to say anything *walks towards Edward*

Edward: no i can't i gotta go *leaves* 

After Edward left i went back home, tomorrow is my family baseball game, hopefully no problems occur. 

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