Blood Thirsty

The Craskes and The Cullens are family rivals... What happens when Edward and Skylynn start falling for each other. Would their families intervene or would they allow it?


2. Chapter 2

* 3:26 am*

Skylynn pov: I was sitting on a branch when I heard something moving behind me. I looked behind me but I saw nothing, I can tell it was another vampire by its sense, I thought it was just Sam or Mitchell playing around.


Skylynn: Sam go away


???: uhm i'm pretty sure you know what my actual name is


I looked behind me and saw none other than my long lost crush Edward Cullen. I hopped down the tree I was sitting on and stood in front of him.


Skylynn: well well well if it isn't Edward Cullen *crosses her arms*


Edward: *chuckles* how you been Skylynn


Skylynn: what do you care?


Edward: woah relax, I was just asking


Skylynn: mmhhmm *turns around*


Edward: hey hey *grabs her arm* talk to me come on


Skylynn: I don't want to talk to you


Edward: so now you hate me just like your family *leans on tree*


Skylynn: hey don't bring my family into this, I never hated you, I actually cared for you. Three years ago I kinda fell for you but you disappeared and left me to fend for myself, Edward I was a mess when you left,  I didn't eat or anything.


Edward: I didn't mean to hurt you Sky I swear, I had to leave you need to understand that I wanted to keep you safe


Skylynn: safe from what


Edward: my family, you know both of our families hate each other. If they found out I was here talking to you right now they would literally kill me for breaking their loyalty. Sky I didn't hurt you on purpose I didn't even want to hurt you at all. I've been thinking about you like crazy, I missed you Sky. *puts his hand on her cheek* 

Skylynn: Edward no, stop. It's been three years since i last saw you and now that you come back you wanna be on me *stutters* 

Edward: *chuckles* still scared of me

Skylynn: i was never scared of you

Edward: *pushes her against a tree* i'm sorry for leaving, please just forgive me

I was going to say something when i had a vision, i saw my parents walking up the stairs to my room. 

Skylynn: i gotta go *Vampire speeds back to her room* 

Jenny and Paul: *walk in* 

Skylynn: *picks up book that she dropped*

Paul: hey honey you ok

Skylynn: what yea i'm fine *smiles*

Jenny: ok well we heard your book fall we thought you hurt yourself 

Skylynn: i'm fine mum 

After they left i looked out the window and saw Edward smirking at me, i rolled my eyes at him and turned away.

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