Blood Thirsty

The Craskes and The Cullens are family rivals... What happens when Edward and Skylynn start falling for each other. Would their families intervene or would they allow it?


17. Chapter 17

* later that day* 

Skylynn pov: The Cullen family and i were all hanging out when we heard the door knock. Carlisle got up and answered it 

Edward: Sky get behind me 

i stand behind Edward when i peek and see my family come in

Paul: Sky 

Edward: *moves aside*

i look up and see my mom, dad, and Mitch

Skylynn: hi dad

Paul: look at you *smiles*

Skylynn: *smiles* 

Jenny: oh honey 

Skylynn: Mitch

Mitch: *looks at Jazmyn and looks away*

i walk up to Mitch but he steps back 

Mitch: don't touch me

Skylynn: whats wrong with you

Mitch: because of you they killed my brother 

Jenny: Mitchell 

Mitch: no mom, because of her they killed Sam, are you happy now *looks at Skylynn* you always go what you wanted to be with him and to not have Sam come after you 

Skylynn: you think i wanted them to kill Sam, i wasn't safe 

soon enough Edward vampire sped to me 

Edward: don't *sternly* 

Mitch: no let her, what is she gonna do 

Edward: Mitch her powers are uncontrollable, she got more when she was changed

Paul: what

Carlisle: he's right, her powers are uncontainable, i can't stop it or slow it down. 

Jenny: so what's gonna happen

Carlisle: we don't know yet, i'm still working on it, trying to find a way for her to control it, so far Edward is keeping her controlled

as they were talking i was staring at Mitch using my new power of inflicting the illusion of burning to one, as i did Mitch fell to the floor screaming in pain

Edward: Sky no *grabs Skylynn*

i pull away and watch Mitch get up 

Edward: stop please 

Skylynn: *nods*

Mitch: *turns around and walks away*

Skylynn: you won't get another chance like this 

Mitch: *looks at Skylynn*

Skylynn: you want him *points to Edward* you want me to feel the pain you felt when he killed Sam, when he ripped him to pieces, when he turned him in to ash

i watch as Mitch gets angry and vampire speeds to me, i grab his arm and throw him outside the window i then run after him before Edward can grab me 

i pick Mitch up and forcefully throw him on the tree 

Skylynn: i won't let you hurt them 

i was gonna go after him when Edward grabbed me.


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