Blood Thirsty

The Craskes and The Cullens are family rivals... What happens when Edward and Skylynn start falling for each other. Would their families intervene or would they allow it?


15. Chapter 15

* two days later* 

Skylynn pov: today was the day i would turn into a full vampire. I'm not gonna lie i was freaking out inside but i knew that this would be ok. Edward and Irina would be doing the change. 

I was currently outside with Jacob 

Skylynn: *sighs* well this is the last time you'll see me as a newborn

Jacob: yea well at least you won't change everything of you

Skylynn: listen i may look different, but i'll always be Skylynn 

Carlisle: *walks to Skylynn* its time 

Skylynn: *looks at Jacob and hugs him* i'll see you later 

Jacob: yea 

I walk with Carlisle up to the room where i'll become a full vampire i see Edward and Irina there, i lay on the bed and Carlisle straps me down tight. He then puts a tube in my arm filled with blood. He then gives the look to Edward and Irina.

Edward: *walks to Skylynn* i love you 

Skylynn: i love you too 

Edward: its not to late to change your mind 

Skylynn: i don't want to change my mind i'm sure  

Edward: *sighs* ok...ready Irina 

Irina: yea *gets close to the bed* 

Edward: who's first Carlisle

Carlisle: well i spoke to Skylynn's father and from i found out, she was bitten by a veteran first, she has a little more of their venom meaning thats where she gets most of her powers from

Edward: *sighs* 

Skylynn: Edward its ok 

Edward: *nods and kisses Skylynn* 

Edward pulls away and turns my head, i hear him whisper "i'm sorry" then i felt the most excruciating pain going through my body, i yell in pain, after a couple seconds Edward pulls away. I am in so much pain i can't stop screaming. 

Carlisle: not yet Irina *looks at Skylynn*

Edward: i have to go *leaves* 

Carlisle: Now 

Irina: *turns Skylynn's head and bites on the other side*

Skylynn: *Screams louder in pain* 

Irina: *pulls away* 

Skylynn: *screaming* 

Carlisle: its done Irina thank you 

Irina: *nods and leaves*

After a couple mins i fall into a light sleep.


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