Blood Thirsty

The Craskes and The Cullens are family rivals... What happens when Edward and Skylynn start falling for each other. Would their families intervene or would they allow it?


14. Chapter 14

* in the forest*

Skylynn pov: Edward and I took off to the forest to hunt when we took a break and sat by the river, across from the wolves territory. 

Edward: so what did you and Jacob talk about 

Skylynn: just stuff you know the wedding and me being changed 

Edward: i don't think he should be knowing all of that 

Skylynn: why do you hate him so much

Edward: i don't hate him, i just don't like him

Skylynn: well i invited him to the wedding 

Edward: course you did *sighs* 

Skylynn: listen i'm marrying you the least you can do is let him come to the wedding and let your problems slide that night 

Edward: no promises but listen we need to get back Carlisle needs to talk to you about being changed 

We got up and Vampire speed to the house we walked in Carlisle's office and spoke

Carlisle: Edward, Skylynn i'm glad you're here

We walked in further and saw a random woman that we never seen before

Skylynn: um whats going on *holds tight on Edward's arm* 

Edward: *groans* ease up on the grip Sky *mind message to Skylynn* 

I loosen my grip a little on his arm

Carlisle: this is Irina, Carmen, Eleazar, Tina, and Kate our cousins from Alaska

Edward: we haven't decided a date for the wedding yet 

Carlisle: they're not here for the wedding

Edward: then why are they here 

Carlisle: Irina is a militia 

Skylynn: i thought there wasn't anymore of us left 

Carlisle: you and Irina are the last of your kind, if you and Edward were to have a baby, they will be a new generation of a veteran and a militia 

Edward: i'm turning Skylynn after the wedding

Carlisle: Edward it has to be done sooner than that, i looked at Skylynn's vitals and she doesn't have enough time to wait that long

Edward: when does it have to be done

Carlisle: a couple days

Edward: no i can't have her in that much pain 

Skylynn: Edward its ok 

Edward: no Skylynn *looks at Skylynn* 

Carlisle: Edward you have to 

Skylynn: *looks at Edward* do you love me

Edward: of course i do

Skylynn: do you want to be with me forever

Edward: yes

Skylynn: change me then

Edward: *sighs* ok 

Carlisle: i'll set everything up in two days 

After talking with Carlisle Edward and i left back to his room.


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