Blood Thirsty

The Craskes and The Cullens are family rivals... What happens when Edward and Skylynn start falling for each other. Would their families intervene or would they allow it?


13. Chapter 13

*later that day* 

Skylynn pov: today Jacob was coming by to see me. I was in the kitchen with Rosalie and Edward when Jacob came in

Skylynn: *excitedly* Jacob 

Edward and Rosalie: *look at Jacob* 

Jacob: *smiles* hey red eyes

Jacob and and the Cullens haven't been on good terms, but they let him come over to see me 

Jacob: *walks to Skylynn* 

Edward: *puts his hand on Jacob* thats close enough

Jacob: get off me *angrily* 

Skylynn: Edward stop its ok 

Edward: *sighs and puts his hand down* 

I walk to Jacob and give him a hug

Skylynn: how you been *smiles* 

Jacob: same as always 

Skylynn: thats good, oh and i think a congrats is in order 

Jacob: ughh don't say it *chuckles*

Skylynn: sorry chef *smirks* 

Jacob: *chuckles* i see you still the same old Sky

Skylynn: course i am *smirks* 

Jacob: haven't changed a bit

Skylynn: nope and neither have you 

Jacob: not much

Skylynn: *laughs* come on lets take a walk outside

I turn to look at Edward 

Skylynn: leave it *sternly* 

I walk out side with Jacob by my side 

Jacob: so i heard about Sam

Skylynn: *sighs* yea 

Jacob: i'm sorry 

Skylynn: its ok, really. 

Jacob: as long as i known Sam i know he wanted the best for you

Skylynn: i know i just miss him 

Jacob: well you got me 

Skylynn: *smiles* thanks Jake

Jacob: so when is the wedding 

Skylynn: oh you heard about that *sits on a tree* 

Jacob: yea 

Skylynn: i don't know when it is, but i really want you to be there

Jacob: i'll be there for you

Skylynn: *smiles* 

Jacob: i heard he's going to change you 

Skylynn: I want to be changed 

Jacob: i just don't get it *fustrated* 

Skylynn: don't get what 

Jacob: why do you want to be changed by that blood sucking demon *looks at Skylynn*

Skylynn: hey i'm a blood sucking demon too

Jacob: you know what i mean 

Skylynn: *sighs* story time come on

Jacob sat down next to me on the tree

Skylynn: ok look the reason i want to be changed is because i want to be with you and Edward forever, i love you both

Jacob: still not good enough *sighs* 

Skylynn: listen, you never knew this but when i was changed i was changed by two different types of vampires, a veteran and a militia. Veteran meaning animal and Militia meaning blood. I have both their venom mixed in my body. 

Jacob: ok so

Skylynn: i'm still a newborn and newborns don't live forever, we are created for a reason, to kill. 

Jacob: if you stay a newborn how long do you live for 

Skylynn: a 100, i'm 99 now 

Jacob: so what does Edward do 

Skylynn: he's a veteran, so he can change me into a veteran but since i was also bit by a militia i have to be bitten by a militia as well if i get bit by one my body won't be able to handle venom from one and it will reject it and could probably kill me 

Jacob: *sighs* so when is he going to change you

Skylynn: after the wedding but there's a problem 

Jacob: what 

Skylynn: we can't find a militia vampire anywhere

Jacob: why not

Skylynn: they kind of don't exist anymore

Jacob: so what are you gonna do 

Skylynn: i don't know 

Jacob and i sat for hours talking when Edward came out 

Edward: Sky its time to go 

Jacob: where are you going *looks at Skylynn*

Edward: she needs to hunt

Jacob: i'm pretty sure i was talking to her 

Skylynn: *sighs and gets down the tree* can you two stop fighting please it's getting ridiculous

Jacob: *gets down from the tree* 

Skylynn: *looks at Jacob and hugs him* i'll see you later 

Jacob: ok *runs off* 

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