Blood Thirsty

The Craskes and The Cullens are family rivals... What happens when Edward and Skylynn start falling for each other. Would their families intervene or would they allow it?


11. Chapter 11

* later that night*

Skylynn pov: after we celebrate the Cullens went out hunting but Edward and i stood back we had the whole house to ourselves. We were in Edward's room.

Edward: i love you *looks at Skylynn* 

Skylynn: i love you too *kisses Edward* 

Things started getting a little heated with Edward and i when he pulled away 

Edward: no Skylynn 

Skylynn: *sighs* 

Edward: believe me i want to, its just i don't want to hurt you, i could easily kill you 

Skylynn: you won't 

Edward: its just i wanna be married to you before we take it this far, its modern

Skylynn: its not modern its ancient *laughs* 

Edward: well i'm from a different era, if i have met you back then, i would've had people with us on dates and all that *chuckles* 

Skylynn: *smirks*

Edward: its the only rule i wanna leave unbroken until then

Skylynn: i know *looks at Edward* 

Edward: see you're from the era where i ask you father's permission for your hand in marriage, and after i would've got down on one knee *gets down on one knee* and i would have pulled out this ring *pulls out ring* and i would've said Skylynn Craske, i promise to love you every min of forever, will you do me the honor of marrying me?

Skylynn: *smiles* yes 

Edward: *smiles and kisses Skylynn and slides the ring on her finger* 

* 1 hour later* 

Skylynn: i thought you was joking like always 

Edward: *chuckles* never 

we were having a nice conversation when my mouth started hurting 

Skylynn: oww *rubs side of her mouth* 

Edward: whats wrong *worried* 

Skylynn: my mouth hurts 

Edward: let me see *opens her mouth* i can't see anything wrong 

Skylynn: it hurts really bad..oww *in pain* 

Edward: come to the kitchen it has a brighter light 

We went to the kitchen and i sat on the counter while Edward looked into my mouth 

Edward: i can't find anything wrong Sky 

Skylynn: it hurts and its getting worse 

After 10 mins in pain the Cullens came back 

Edward: Carlisle i need your help *looks at Carlisle* 

Carlisle: whats wrong *walks to Edward* 

Edward: Skylynn's mouth has been hurting for the past 20 mins and she says its getting worse 

Carlisle: *looks at Skylynn and puts his finger in her mouth* well looks like someone's fangs are coming in *smiles* 

Skylynn: really *excitedly* 

Carlisle: yup, you're gonna be in pain for a bit until they come out but you should be fine after that 

Edward: thanks Carlisle *smiles at Skylynn* 

Skylynn: my fangs oh my gosh 

Edward: lets hope they come out fast because i hate seeing you in pain 

Skylynn: *smiles and kisses Edward* 

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