Blood Thirsty

The Craskes and The Cullens are family rivals... What happens when Edward and Skylynn start falling for each other. Would their families intervene or would they allow it?


10. Chapter 10

*Next morning* 

Skylynn pov: the next morning at the Cullen house was quiet. I walk downstairs and found everyone downstairs

Edward: *looks at Skylynn and smiles* 

Skylynn: *sighs and looks at Jasper* Jasper is there anything i can do to help you guys today in the fight 

Edward: you can't do anyth..* gets cut off* 

Skylynn: shut up *looks at Edward*

Jasper: *chuckles* i think we got it Skylynn, we just want you far away from the fight

Skylynn: i wanna help you guys

Edward: no

Skylynn: Edward please 

Edward: no i can't risk something happening to you, if you get hurt out there i won't be able to forgive my self 

Skylynn: *sighs* 

Edward: i'm doing this for you, i need you safe *gets close to Skylynn* 

Skylynn: i know, but i can't risk losing you, i lost you once and i'm not letting that happen again 

Edward: you're not gonna lose me,i promised you i wasn't leaving again *holds Skylynn* 

Skylynn: let me help you 

Edward: you're so stubborn *chuckles*

Edward and i spent the morning together, he went hunting so i stayed back, when he returned it was time for the fight. 

We arrived at the field where the fight would be held. I saw my family, and the wolves. I saw my childhood best friend Jacob there, i smiled at him and stood next to Edward. When the recruiters arrived. 

Edward:*looks at Skylynn* relax 

Skylynn: you scared 

Edward: *smirks* no *looks at the recruiters* 

Felix: Craske, Cullens, why what a surprise to see you here together *smiles* 

Carlisle: what are you guys doing here 

Felix: we came for Skylynn, we understand that she has more than one power

Carlisle: she has three at the moment, we're not sure if she is gonna get any more, but she doesn't cause a threat to anyone 

Felix: she does for us, if she gains any more powers

Carlisle: her powers have nothing to do with anything, her ability to survive longer than a new blood should is the main point 

Felix: i see *looks at Edward* you haven't changed her yet 

Edward: no 

Felix: *smirks* a new blood and a veteran together, very rare 

A veteran is a word meaning a full un-phased Vampire, i'm still phased 

Edward: it is but we're soul mates 

Felix: is that so, well i would understand that if you really loved her you would change her to a veteran

Edward: i'm not changing her because i love her

Felix: well thats very sad to hear 

Alice: look i saw how the future for these two are, she will be one of us 

Edward: we have a date till when she will become one of us, i will do it myself  

Felix: good to know.

Alice: please just go 

Felix: as you wish, i can see she doesn't cause a threat to anyone, we will be on our way 

After a heated talk, the recruiters left, we were confused as why there wasn't a fight, until it came to me

Skylynn: *chuckles* thanks Jasper

Jasper: *smiles* no problem 

Edward: why are you thanking him

Skylynn: he used mood control to get them to understand and leave.

After we went home and celebrated. 


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