Blood Thirsty

The Craskes and The Cullens are family rivals... What happens when Edward and Skylynn start falling for each other. Would their families intervene or would they allow it?


1. The Cullen and Craske rival

Skylynn pov: I decided to go out for a little midnight snack. I caught a little deer and sucked its blood. If you didn't already know I'm a vampire. There's two vampire families that we like to call a Vampire packs. There's The Cullen Family or The Cullen Pack, then there's The Craske Family or Craske Pack, that's my family. The Craske and Cullens do not get along at all. My mom and dad fought the Cullen parents so many times they absolutely can't stand each other. Let me tell you a little more about the Cullens pack, first there's Carlisle, he is the head or "father figure" of the Cullen family. He is about 350 years old, and is from London, he is respected in the Vampire world but not by my family. Next is Esme, she is married to Carlisle and is the matriarch of the family. Next is the children first is Jasper he is the oldest of the five Cullen children, Next is Emmet he is the biggest of the bunch, and he is married to Rosalie who is the third Cullen child, then there is Alice who is with Jasper, then last but not least Edward the youngest of the Cullen children being 17.  Edward and I have history together, we both ended up having a huge crush on one another, but because of our families dislike towards one another we weren't allowed to see one another. So far its been about 3 years since I seen him. But lets get back to my family The Craske. First there's Paul the leader of my family, then there's Jenny my mum who is married to Paul, then there's my big brother Sam, then my twin Mitchell, then me, and then my sister Ellie. We are the smallest pack of the Vampire world but we are the strongest. We each got different powers, but I have more than one power making me the invincible one of the family. My powers include, changing of the eye color depending on my mood, the sense of smell from miles away, reading people's minds, and crazy strength, and making my eyes glow. The city that we live in has a massive forest that we split with The Cullens. I am 17 years old i was changed by Paul when he found me laying in the middle of a road, seconds away from death. After i joined his family. After i was being raised around this massive hate towards the Cullens, but the thing is i don't hate them.

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