A Luke fanfiction - Maybe this Christmas

Molly just wants Christmas to end. She lost her beloved boyfriend Luke in a car accident the day before Christmas a year ago but no one understands her pain and hate for Christmas; because you just can't hate Christmas, right? But maybe her small niece's love for Christmas and letters to Santa Claus can help Molly to make her biggest wish come true this year?
(This is an old story i have rewritten in english and as an fan fiction)


5. Worth a try

I was almost too late to go outside the triangle area between my flat, my job and the nearest grocery store. I took the bus to the nearest shopping street that was covered in snow by now and was Christmas lights everywhere. People was running stressful around each other while charity organizations were running around with collection boxes trying to get a few dollars from people before they used their last money on the late gift shopping.

I went into the first toy store I could find and looked around. There were people everywhere and the employees were sweating and looked desperate because it was a toy store where they were wrapping the gift for the costumers. I saw a lot of pink stuff in the bottom of the store and now that Amanda was so small I guessed she would like everything pink and girly. I found some Barbie and a lot of different merchandise from Disney with princesses on. Once she forced me to watch the little mermaid with her so maybe a mermaid dress? Beauty and the beast was also one of her favourites and I recognized the yellow dress from the movie. I guess her size and went to the queue.

It was still snowing when I came out of the toy store even though I remember the weather lady in TV said it would stop snowing at some point that day. I walked down the busy street to look at some store windows. A Bath and Body Work was announcing a lot of good deals so it could not hurt to look inside. There was as many people there as in the toy store. I tried to escape the part of the store with most people in it so I ended up in the men’s section. I randomly looked at the shelfs and recognized a bottle of Cologne. I had the same bottle standing in my bathroom at my place in Sydney once. I didn’t live with Luke back then but he had a lot of stuff at my place. He didn’t want to sell his small flat at first but spent he spent all his time at mine anyway. I took the cologne from the shelf and sniffed it. All the memories hit me hard. Every time I laid his arms around me and I could rest my head against his shoulder and I could smell the amazing cologne in his shirt. It was not an expensive one but it was really good and smelled like home to me.

I quickly placed it back on the shelf and took the hand in front of my mouth so I wouldn’t sob out loud in the middle of the store.  I tried to get my shit together when someone touched my arm.
“Are you okay?” I looked chocked to my right and saw Calum’s face full of worry. He had a half long wool jacket and a big scarf on, so I could actually almost only see his eyes and nose.
“I’m fine. What are you doing here?” I took a heavy breath and wiped my cheeks with my sleeve.
“The same as you I guess. I’m trying to find some last minute gifts.” He held up a plastic back from some other store and I did the same with mine from the toy store.
“I have only found a gift for my niece.”
“Maybe we can help each other then? I need to find a nice perfume for my mom and then I can help you find on for your boyfriend.” He said and made a gesture to me to walk with him.

“I don’t have a boyfriend.” I mumbled so one he could hear it before I started to walk to the women section. He looked at me puzzled before he overtook me and stood in front of me.
“Okay. Now I have two questions. One, why do you keep rejection me then? I thought that the only reason for you to reject such a handsome guy as me was because you were with someone already. And two, if you don’t have a boyfriend, why were you in the men’s section then?” He sounded so sarcastic and he was smiling jokingly at me.
“Don’t let the confidence get to you, Cal. Should we find that perfume for your mom?” I know it was weird of me to not just say out loud that I was single and felt that I had to mumble. I was indeed single but not on purpose and I still felt guilty every time I came too close to a guy. Even though Luke wasn’t here anymore.

We went through the shelfs and all the people and I sniffed a few perfumes and let Calum sniff a few too so find the right perfume.
“How expensive must it be?” I took one up with a pretty bottle but it smelled worse than cats piss.
“Maybe a bit more than an everyday perfume but not Chanel nr. 5.” I took one of those we already liked and gave it to him.
“This one is my favourite. Though I don’t know if your mom would like it too.” He took it and smelled it again.
“Should I take two? Then I have my present for you too.” I looked at him in chock. He actually sounded like he meant it.
“Oh Calum, you shouldn’t. I don’t really have the money to buy something for you too. I’m only an office assistant.” I said a bit embarrassed.
“You don’t have to give me something in return. I really just want to buy you a little something. Maybe it could change your mind about me.” He said and winked which made me blush. And feel bad.
“It’s really nice of you but you should really not waste any time or money on me. Now, you have to stand in line so you can pay it before the store closes.”

I walked past him and a few others and went outside. Out in the cold. I always felt like a trader after talking with Calum. I could have told him I had a boyfriend. Maybe he would leave me alone then.
“Molly!” Like a gift from above Amanda came running towards me like a guardian angel and I bent down to catch her and lift her up.
“Is that my Christmas present?” She asked excited when she saw the bag from the toy store. I saw how my sister came running through the crowded street and as soon as she saw us she looked so relieved. I guess Amanda ran away from her the moment she saw me.
“You cannot just run away like that, young lady.” My sister sighed and tickled Amanda so she wriggled in my arms. Amanda was laughing from joy.
“We met Santa! He said he got my letter and also yours Aunt Molly. I asked him and he said that adults wishes also comes true.” I could nothing but hug her. She was so lovely sometimes. But if she just knew that what I wished was totally impossible and wasn’t a thing you could just wrap in colourful paper, she may never have asked. But she couldn’t read or write.
“That sounds wonderful.” I said and my sister took Amanda for me.

“Oh is that the little princess you were buying gifts for?” I froze when I heard Calum’s voice behind me. He must have been done paying for the perfume while I was talking with Amanda. My sister looked confused at me.
“Ermh yes, Amanda is my niece. And this is my sister Hannah. Hannah this is Calum from work. I tried to be polite even though the last thing I wanted to do right now was to introduce Calum to my family. Calum shook Hannah’s hand.
“Thanks for the help with the present. And don’t worry, I only bought one. Merry Christmas.” Calum said and gave me a quick one arm hug before he left and waved at Amanda. She smiled shyly and waved back. I think she was really happy that someone called her a princess. My sister looked after Calum until he was out of earshot.
“Oh my god he is totally hot.” She squealed and I just rolled my eyes.

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