A Luke fanfiction - Maybe this Christmas

Molly just wants Christmas to end. She lost her beloved boyfriend Luke in a car accident the day before Christmas a year ago but no one understands her pain and hate for Christmas; because you just can't hate Christmas, right? But maybe her small niece's love for Christmas and letters to Santa Claus can help Molly to make her biggest wish come true this year?
(This is an old story i have rewritten in english and as an fan fiction)


7. Merry Christmas. I'll see you on the other side

I woke up early the Christmas Eve morning and felt a pain in my back. A shudder went through me when I remembered what happened the night before. I had fallen asleep in Luke’s at the couch but now I was only leaning against the hard part of the armrest which caused the back pain. My hair was everywhere so I tried to lay it down while looking sleepily around in my flat. Should I cry or smile? After a whole year I finally got to say good bye to me lovely dead boyfriend and even when he was gone again, I felt so much lighter around the heart. Of course I was sad that he wasn’t here anymore but the day before was mildly said the best day of my life, but also and eye-opening experience.
I could not just let my life pas by just because I couldn’t get everything I wanted. I wanted to be with Luke forever and it sounded like it was Luke’s plan too but he had realized that it wasn’t going to happened and now it was my turn to realize the same. He even told me who to date.

I looked out of the window. It was not snowing anymore but there was a lot of snow from the day before. Of course there have been a huge machine that have removed all the road so all the cars could drive like crazy again and hunk at each other like they used to. People were everywhere and came walking down the streets with gifts in their arms and bags but there was no Luke near the lamppost. Everything was back to normal… and the again. On my table was a little piece of paper. I was a little angry when I saw it was a page from my favourite book that has been laying on the table for weeks. But then I noticed that there was written something in big letters across the text:

Merry Christmas, Molly. See you on the other side.

The little message made me smile and I kissed the page and laid it inside the book it was torn out of.

I hurried to my parent’s as soon it was noon and I almost fell into the door because I was walking so fast, but my mom open the door in the last second before I would have crushed the presents between me and the door.
“But look at all the presents you are carrying. You could have called and asked us to come get you.” Mom said surprised and took the bags from me so I could take off my boots.
“Merry Christmas, mom! I said and gave her a hug, which wasn’t easy with all the bags we were both carrying. We walking in together and laid them under the Christmas tree.
“Someone Is in a great mood!” My dad said and laughed when I gave him a hug too. They wouldn’t believe me if I told them the reason for my good mood so I just shrugged.
I helped my mom with the food as my dad set the table. It was really cozy being with my parents and my mom ended up getting one of her ugly Christmas sweaters and forced me to wear it. I rolled my eye but did it anyway.

When it was almost dinner time my sister came with her husband Keven and little Amanda. I almost ran faster to Amanda than she ran to me. She was the reason Luke had visited me last night so she was the reason for my happiness. I miss Luke and I wish he was here, but somehow… he was. He told me he would always be there. I was sure he was there at that moment and could see Amanda in her pretty red dress and how happy I was. I would keep being happy for him. I was not sure if I could see myself with anyone beside Luke but maybe in the future I should follow his advice. I should kiss somebody at New Year, right? And I was hoping that it didn’t need to be my dad, like when I was little.

“It was me who decorated the tree!” Amanda said happily. I let her pull me along to the tree as she told how grandpa had lifted her up so she could put the star on top.
“It is so beautiful. Good work Amanda! But have you seen all the presents?” I said as my sister was placing the last of their presents under the tree.
“Do you think some of them are for me?” She asked and sat down near the tree and was about to take one of the presents but I started to tickle her so she rolled around laughing instead.
“You cannot sneak peek, missy!” I said and throw her over my shoulder and ran around the Livingroom until my mom came from the kitchen with the food.
“For heaven’s sake, put her down before you ruin anything.” She tried to should hard but she was smiling so Amanda and I just laughed as I put her down.
“I’m sure all just wishes will come true.” I whispered to her as we sat down at the table.”
You think?” She asked excited and I nodded because I knew it was true. If I deserved to have my wish granted, the way I have been treating my family and friends, then Amanda deserved it too. She was only bringing joy to everyone.
“We have to make a short prayer.” My mom said and took my hand. I reached across the table to take Amanda’s hand too. We all closed our eyes and listened to my mom’s prayers for all of us. As she finished we all ended it with an Amen and I could feel a little something on my cheek before I open my eyes again and I smiled.
“Thank you Luke. And Merry Christmas to you too.”  


Thank you for reading and i hope you enjoyed it! :3

If you liked it i have a tumblr with one of my best friends where we write a lot of imagines all the time!


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