Burning Love

Charlie reveals his BURNING feelings to Marv... but it doesn't go smoothly. Will they be able to KINDLE their passion for evermore, or will their love go up in FLAMES? A Charlie and Lola fanfic to ruin your childhood. Don't like, read it anyway. (Rated red for explicit violence in final chapter)


7. The Fatal Mistake

we fell down onto the bed and lay there, together, our shoulders brushing. His fingers gently swept over my hand, sending shivers through every cell in my body. Marv was like a burst of electricity, powering me up with his every touch.

"i'm... I'm sorry, Marv... I should've..."

"No, Charlie... It's my fault. I shouldn't have been so open about it."

"...so... We are in love, aren't we?"


There was long pause. I stare at him, sat on the bedroom floor..

“Umm… wanna cuddle?” he said.

“Uh, sure.”

I scooted up to him and we slung our arms round each other. I tried to take it all in: the scent of football pitches on his shirt, his warmth, his soft brown hair tickling my skin. Marv held me tighter, his fingers digging into my back, as if he didn’t want to let me go. I didn’t want to let him go either. I wished I could just melt into him, and stay like this forever, with no world around us, just me and him.

“Charlie,” he whispered. “This is my swamp” “Do you ever think about the future? Our future?”


before I could reply we heard lola shouting.


I sighed "in a minute!"


“...why are you asking?” I whispered to Marv.

“Because I have,” Marv says. When we leave school, we’ll buy a football stadium, and it’ll be our house. And we’ll have children. And if one was a girl, we’d call her Lola. And we’d stay in that stadium, and not let anyone in but our families and our friends, and it would be just us, and our family. And we’d have lots of animals… I’ve always wanted a horse. How does that sound, Charlie?”

“Add in doing homework every night and I’m so in

“It sounds… it sounds perfect…”

Marv rolls over and presses himself against me. I can feel his heart thump against my chest, in sync with mine. I can feel his breath brushing over my lips. He’s so close now, that I can see every ray in his green irises, like leaves in a forest, or grass in a meadow. He leans closer, and closer, until our foreheads are touching. This is it. We’re going to kiss again. I close my eyes, breathing in his scent, and wait...


"its getting hot in here"

I open my eyes "really marv? really?"

"no im serious"

"you're right actually"

"CHARLIE! CHARLIE!" I heard her footsteps running up the stairs

"what is it now lola?"


"whatever mess you made you can clear up yourself!" i shouted back through the locked door


"i really don't think i do!"


"WHAT??!!!" me and marv shouted simultaneously, leaping up and completely forgetting what we were doing, and running to the entrance.


"THE LOCKS JAMMED!!!!" i was standing at the door frantically trying to unlock it but to no avail


i was the only one to survive the fire.

i refuse to talk about it, but how could i?


imagine it in your head now what would happen and how it would feel, hearing your little sister screaming in agony as her skin is melted and her eyes dry up and shrivel. and there is nothing you can do apart from press yourself on the door crying out her name!


all for the sake of a valentine's letter


smelling her corpse being roasted, her bones turning brown. the loss you have just experienced and the terror! her dying screams still ringing in your ears! your brain fails to function. fear pure unadulterated fear of what's to come. of what's going to happen to you!


all for the sake of a valentine's letter


watching the flames find their way into the room. and this time watching the skin flake off your boyfriend's body as fire surrounds him. the skin of his hands coming off like a thin glove exposing the muscle, bone and ligaments as he clutches at anything he can find, trying to escape the flames. his body thrashing and him screaming in pure agony.


all for the sake of a valentine's letter


every last bit of moisture evaporating from his throat, eyes, skin,his brain the blood that now covers his body. watching his body still before becoming nothing more than a pile of ash and bones. seeing his chest burn away to see the organs it hides. to see his heart, motionless, become consumed by the flames, seeing every part of it, the chambers, the arteries, the veins as the muscle slowly disintegrates.


all for the sake...

of a poorly hidden, valentine's letter


If that door hadn't jammed...

If lola had been careful...

If our parents were home...

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